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Apostrophe's. Test you're ability.



  • Well feck the lot of you - thought I'd done well with 10/13, but no - anything less than 13/13 and you're an imbecile apparently. :-)

    I am a bit of a pedant when it comes to apostrophes so I feel shamed actually. It annoys me when people don't use you're and your correctly and to and too as well. gutted that I am not perfect.
  • 100%. So relieved. Was scared to take it and prove to myself I'm not qualified to do my job.
  • Anyone know why pubs don't ever have apostrophes? Kings Head etc.
  • cafcfan said:

    I even try to remember to spell out one to ten but use digits for 11 onwards! What really hacks me off is the very regular use of, for example, "the 80's and 90's" when, as the 19 is missing, it should be '80s and '90s. Sometimes I even put an apostrophe in 'phone which is very sad.
    I also have to grit my teeth when people saying "different to" rather than "different from". After all, they wouldn't say "similar from" would they? Interestingly, Americans are really good at getting that right.
    And then there's using the word "data" as if it's singular. The BBC's journalists are very bad indeed at these two.
    I really need to get out more!

    I thought the done thing was 1-12 then thirteen, fourteen...

    As for the apostrophe for decades thing, while I agree, there is an acceptable level to which you can bend the rules, if it makes it easier for the reader to understand the sentence.
  • 10/13. Thought I'd have a go at this whilst waiting for a Charlton come back or the rain to stop play.
  • Isn't the thread heading wrong?
  • I suspect that's deliberate.
  • 11 out of 13.............
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  • A woman without her man is nothing.
    A woman. Without her, man is nothing.

    A misplaced comma and full stop can do more damage than a misplaced apostrophe.

  • Eats, shoots and leaves.
  • People writing should of, would of or could of instead of should have, would have and could have, that annoys me.

    I got one wrong, probably the Jesus one.
  • To obtain Australian citizenship, I had to have half my brain removed, thus my poor score! 9/13
  • Curb_It said:

    wickford said:

    Jesus' !

    Yes bloody Jesus's?

    Yep, got 12/13 but got this one wrong - I still think I was right!

    EDIT: Just seen LuckyReds post, so I actually got 13/13.

    Agree with Morts, it's not really rocket science.
    Yes, I will now award myself the deducted mark as well to make 13/13 rather than 12/13!
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