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New Article: Many Miles Have We Travelled...

Hello, writing is more fun than work so here's an article of sorts that I've spent the morning compiling. The timing could be better given our recent turnaround at The Valley, but I thought I'd wait 'til after Middlesbrough before doing anything. Enjoy, I hope!

The 2011/12 season saw a record number of away wins for the Addicks, peaking with a single goal victory and promotion at good old Carlisle. Despite the alcohol related gaps, it is a day that will live long in the memory. However, thanks to the continued resilience and organisation of Chris Powell's side, plus the odd surprise thrown in, 2012/13 has seen a few more.

Although there is always something of a disparity between the two, following Charlton away this season has been very, very different to watching them at home. A dogged victory at Turf Moor was followed by a flaccid display at home to Burnley, whilst a frustrating loss to Watford preceded a thrilling win at Vicarage Road. The reasons behind these contrasts remain a mystery. However, it's without doubt that those stupid enough to continually fill train lines' pockets have not only been rewarded, but spoiled.

August seems a long time ago. Probably because it was. Although denied a deserved three points, the stifling of playoff losers Birmingham set the tone for what was to come; the opponents' chances were limited, our midfield pressing and most set pieces dangerous. Sadly the late leveller wasn't a one-off either. Travelling north more in hope than expectation, the day proved that not only were Charlton worthy of a place in the Championship, but a potential force to be reckoned with.

The best results are always the ones you least expect. Departing a torrid Christmas period, a hungover New Year's Day in Hertfordshire was seemingly a recipe for disaster against the league's in-form team. Step forth Ricardo Fuller. Going a goal down and facing off against Trevor Kettle, the mood soon turned to one of disbelief and jubilation. Seldom a happy hunting ground, the defeat of Watford provided much needed belief and the platform for a vital unbeaten run.

Our visit to the King Power Stadium was similar, and couldn't have gone any better. Armed with a French flag, my main aim was to annoy as many home fans as possible whilst Leicester presumably ran rings around and thrashed a side bereft of form and confidence. How wrong I was. Unlike the cheese eating surrender monkeys, Charlton gave no quarter whilst Monsieur Kermorgant de Brittany lived his fairytale and Haynes sealed it with a genuine screamer. Classy.

With Barnsley still recent, I won't ramble about that. Nor will I mention the fact I missed Yann's goal, so technically I've still only seen us score five. Instead I'll admit that things aren't always fun on the road. Selhurst Park proved the personal low point where already suffering from depression, drunk and then getting my hopes up, I spent the last twenty minutes in tears. Thankfully a rousing rendition of '9 Goals Went Past Perry', complete with ('ooohhhh') YouTube video outside Norwood Junction gave much needed amusement.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, watching at home is only half the story. When we next lose at The Valley to someone considered crap, have a think back to how we recently may have won way up among those dark satanic mills, or at club with Premiership persuing cash. Many of you have mortgage or family commitments but maybe budget for one or two of these a season and who knows, you may just get a story to tell your grandkids. Otherwise have a laugh, visit some bars, sing your heart out and any result's a bonus.


  • Good article.

    Did my usual quota of five or 6 aways this year.

    The Den was a great atmosphere and result and as we shot off at the final whistle I missed all the aggro.

    Wolves was fun but I'm still haunted by Hulse's last minute miss.

    Palace was very good for 70 minutes but it went rapidly down hill afterwards.

    Boro last week as a great weekend in Newcastle but a flat game.

    So Leicester away, Yann annoying the Foxes and Haynes scoring goal of the season wins it for me.
  • Nice piece RP.

    This season has been the first since i started properly going that i have not been to an away game. Timed it really well given all the rubbish i have seen other the years.

    Well done to those who have been putting in the miles this season.
  • Managed 12 aways this season, which I think is joint highest to last season, not worked it out yet.

    Highlights definitely has to be either the tonking we gave Barnsley and the win over Blackpool
  • Nice one Red, was an especially fine (dare I say vintage) year to be following the boys around the country.
  • In the last two seasons and 18 away games I witnessed just 2 defeats Orient courtesy of Ben Hamers early dismisal and Fulham in the cup but still enjoyed both.

    In 30 years of addicks away days I cant remember such a prolonged run of away form. Thanks for great post RP games like Carlisle, Sheff Wed, Bournmouth and Preston stand out last season as good away days whilst Leicester, Watford, Peterboro and Middlesboro and Millwall were fun days this, the results dont always define the day but its certainly made travelling easier this past two years.
  • Attended 10 away games this season. Lowest number for a few years.
  • Like afka, didn't make it to one this season. First time since 81.
  • I'm of the mortgage and young kids brigade so only made it to one away game this year - Forest away. As it turned out, wasn't the best one to have chosen but at least I got to see Jordan Cook play, so I'm a winner.
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    I'm on the borders here so promised myself at least 2 aways, Cardiff and Bristol, but bad health reared it's ugly head at the wrong times. Very sad that they are now gone for next season.
  • edited May 2013
    Managed to get to 11 this year, one more than last and have definitely had value for money. Most notable being the record 6-0 at Barnsley closely followed by the never say die victory at Watford and the workmanlike victories at Bristol, Burnley and Uddersfield and draws at Leeds and Brighton. Biggest disappointment was the defeat at Palarse after outplaying them for an hour. The home form was disconcerting but I always had the comfort of those away performances to fall back on. Well done to CP and his team, more of the same next season please and if we can make the Valley a fortress who knows, we may be heading for the Prem COYR.
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  • Nice one, Redpanda.

    I had years when the kids and lack of cash meant loads of away trips foregone.

    However, being a wrinkly does have its compensations , especially the reduction in matchday prices and courtesy of my gallant drivers ( Sir Bob & Sir Don) I've managed to miss only Blackpool (hols), Leeds ( no-one driving) and Barnsley ( migraine) this season. Yes, had to be THAT one, didn't it !

    I count myself fortunate to have witnessed some great performances away from home but Watford on NYD comes to mind as the best of the lot.

    Can't wait until next season, although with the early start & a family holiday in France , looks like I'll be missing 2 Sat games in August....B*M !

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    Managed 12 away games this season , 18 last season , its certainly harder and more expensive to go the higher we go , Highlights have to be Watford , Barnsley, Blackpool & Leicester Away which will live long in the memory , if we could have been as spectacular at home we'd be in the Premiership next season.

    Thankyou Chris Powell for putting a heart and passion back into this club , and thankyou Mr Mysterons for not pulling the trigger , you know it makes sense , we'll get there eventually!
  • Managed just the one this season (Ipswich away) but enjoyed it nonetheless
  • both my aways this season were 0-0, Millwall and Brighton. I've no complaints though as I thought the team did well in both and the atmosphere was fantastic at Millwall and I really enjoyed Brighton. On one hand I wish them success (and hope they beat Palace in play offs) on the other, it's a really nice stadium to visit.
  • only managed 2 away , Millwall and Watford two good days out
  • I only managed 2 aways Derby 3-2 loss and the scum 0-0 as little as I have done since the early eighties when I first started travelling

    4 kids 7 and under mean my time isn't my own anymore
    Gotta work harder at the brainwashing or use contraception
  • I'm of the mortgage and young kids brigade so only made it to one away game this year - Forest away. As it turned out, wasn't the best one to have chosen but at least I got to see Jordan Cook play, so I'm a winner.

    Haha, is that sarcastic, he was terrible in that game !

    11 this year for me. I'm hoping the fixture list is a bit kinder to us next season.

  • nice article, only 1 away for me this season, Palace - hoping to at least do a couple more next season!
  • se9addick said:

    Haha, is that sarcastic, he was terrible in that game !

    I'd presume so, the only good thing he's done is scoop the ball into the crowd at Watford so we could throw it around.

    Cheers for the comments.

  • I had a good return for my five away travels this season. These included the four matches against the north-west Bs - Blackpool, Burnley, Bolton and Blackburn - and three victories in an area where we traditionally don't do well. Wish I'd gone to Barnsley though!
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  • My away day travels this season began at Crawley and went through to M'boro. Best games were Blackpool (for the belief it gave), Leicester (for the confirmation of that belief) and Barnsley (goals). Highlights included, watching Fuller waltz through the Forest defence at will, Danny Green's Ronaldo esque 2nd half at Derby and the emergence of Harroitt.
  • Great article.

    My solitary away game this year wasn't the usual toothless defeat or no-score draw. Blood boiled by the Kettle and a game that swung both ways was quite something.
  • 6 away this year with Watford being the highlight. Almost didn't go for being hung over but had my mates tickets. Worth dragging myself out of bed for that one.
  • managed Millwall, Brum, Watford away this season. Lowest for over twenty years I guess. Sign of things to come though.
  • se9addick said:

    I'm of the mortgage and young kids brigade so only made it to one away game this year - Forest away. As it turned out, wasn't the best one to have chosen but at least I got to see Jordan Cook play, so I'm a winner.

    Haha, is that sarcastic, he was terrible in that game !

    11 this year for me. I'm hoping the fixture list is a bit kinder to us next season.

    Perish the thought!!!

  • 4 aways, 5 points... could've chosen better, really ;-)
  • 9 aways this season. Considering our record I didnt pick to well as only 2 wins 3 draws and 4 defeats scored 6 conceeded 9!
  • only twice, 2 points collected, next season will be home only, especially post October.
  • 5 this year - Forest, Burnley, Peterborough, Brighton and Middlesbrough. All excellent trips and, Forest excepted, very solid performances.

    Looking to do more next year.
  • Had to tone it down a bit this season, couldn't carry on like I used to. Did Forest Blackpool Burnley Shef W Bolton Watford Hull Palace Peterborough Brighton Barnsley. Twenty minutes aside at Palace couldn't ask for more from that lot.
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