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Quotes People have, could or should have said

Colin Powell:

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."


  • Mrs Abraham Lincoln. "No love. let's stay in, I've heard the play's boring"
  • Pistorious's bird - "Do I need a shit? No, think I'll bake it for now"
  • ' I told them I wanted to be a comedian, they laughed at me'.
    'They're not laughing now'

    Bob Monkhouse
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    "Oi Reeva, cushion the fall of that timber next time love!"
  • Nicky Bailey - "Mmm, I'll keep this one nice and low"
  • "A sly little kick of that lump Halford, who's going to notice?"

  • "I'm sure an open top car in Dallas will be fine, Mr President"
  • "I'll make them regret not letting me go to Villa!"

    D Stephens
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    "No, Judas is all right Peter, why shouldn't I trust him?"
  • "Do you think anyone will believe it if I say Iraq has WMDs? Fuck it, worth a punt!"

    T Blair
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  • " Careful, you'll have someones eye with that"

    King Harold
  • Pistorious's bird - "Do I need a shit? No, think I'll bake it for now"


    " Careful, you'll have someones eye with that"

    King Harold/Bloke next to the lad with the flare

    Amended it for you.
  • 'We're the red and blue army'

    Red Division
  • Rod Hull - "No, we don't need a sky dish, I'll sort it"
  • Ben Hamer:

    "Paddy could I have a quiet word"
  • Billy Goat Gruff:

    "Ignore him, he's just a troll"

  • Plaayer - "These boots look well smart, the guys will love them"
  • Dave Mehmet - "I didn't even see the woman you are referring to, let alone the size of her breasts".
  • DaveStorry.......My VG number starts with a 3... how many times do I have to say it.
  • Learn to spell, auto correct isn't always write....

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  • Henry Irving:

    "I'm going to let that one go."
  • Bill Clinton:

    Damn right I had sexual relations with her. Blew my beans all over that dress she kept!
  • I am comeing back to Portsmouth my financial advice will be most welcome,

    Peter storey.
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    "You done yet? I'm off for a shit. There's 10 cans of white lightning in the fridge.Off you pop!"

    Bird of Golfie.
  • "Right, that's enough of this shit, let's have a proper rock band on who can play and write their own tunes."

    Simon Cowell
  • "No problem Richard, these things happen in business"

    Paul Elliot.
  • No its ok Alan, we have found our ideal candidate.....

    Richard Murray
  • "We haven't got a clue what we are doing....but the salary is very good and our job is safe for 5 years no matter what"

  • "Hello, richard. Yes I will accept the job, you need not contact iain dowie"

    Billy Davies on his phone, may 2006
  • "I've made a mockery of club football by having a Champions League medal and I won't cause any other clubs fans the hurt of watching how crud I am, I announce my retirement from professional football"

    Djimi Traore 2006
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