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Player Watch: Bradley Pritchard.

Every game that we are at home I am going to sit back and watch a specific player more than anyone else, both on and off the ball and then write about them here with a brief overview of that player and a review of their performance in the game, if it catches on I will hopefully work my way through the team.

Bradley Pritchard - a brief background


Bradley Pritchard started his senior career at CAFC, (Carshalton Athletic) and steadily worked his way around mostly conference sides until he came to Charlton. He was about to pack it all in and get a "real job" when he decided to take part in a trial at Charlton where he had been working as a performance analysis. He got offered a one year contract off the back of that and hasn't looked back since.
The fans seem relatively undecided on Pritchard, but I don't think many would question his work rate, he seems to be a real box to box midfielder with real determination although it might not always come off perfectly. Despite his relatively young appearance, Bradley Pritchard is actually 27.

Pritchard vs Derby

Pritchard started the game off relatively well with his usual work rate, he was often the first midfielder back and often the first midfielder forward. At one point in the second half this was particularly pronounced when he covered for Bradley Wright Philips who won the ball in the Charlton half. Pritchard made a great run forward but couldn't quite get to the pass from BWP.

He was consistently snapping at the heels of the opposing midfield, but never going into tackles rashly or recklessly. In the 23rd minute by the west stand he worked really well to intercept Derby moves twice within a few seconds as they were looking to move forward, showing some really good defensive play.

He was as I have previously mentioned constantly looking to receive the ball, he was always there when we had a throw in and although he doesn't put many killer balls through he proves useful on the wings and whipped a few balls in. Perhaps his best effort going forward was when he managed to dispossess O Connor in the 53rd minute, and in doing so was making a great run towards the box when O Connor felt he had no choice but to bring him down, and as a result earned himself a yellow card.

He did however have one major moment which had the fans with their heads in their hands. On the 66th minute he received an absolute strikers dream, a pass was put in to him about 10 yards out, with the keeper flailing to get across the goal, he beat the keeper with a hard hit strike... And hit the crossbar, which left fans unsure whether to applaud the fantastic Charlton move that led up to the attempt or whether to shout in fury at missing what seemed a sure goal, and as it happens would have been the winner. In the end it sounded like a combination of both applause and fury.

Towards the end of the game from about the 70th minute Pritchard seemed to slow down dramatically, although the rain was pouring down his pace seemed to slow more than most, which in my opinion led Lawrie Wilson to take on a much more central and attacking role in his place.

Overall I would give Pritchard a 7 for the game, he missed a sitter but he worked tremendously hard to get into that position no one would be more angry than he would be at himself. His reaction when he scored reminded me of a certain Jose Semedo when he scored a couple of seasons before.


As a player at Charlton and a person I give him a 9. The story of Conference to Champ in a couple of years has all the hallmarks of a Disney tale.

What have your thoughts been of Pritchard so far ?


  • Great feature @Huskaris

    I'm a huge fan of Bradley. The workrate he gets through and his approach is always flawless. Seems like he had another strong performance vs Watford today, and the commentators described him at one stage as:

    "Bradley Pritchard has the lungs of a cheetah. He turned defence into attack."
  • Met him - quality
    Representing CAFC - quality
  • Great feature @Huskaris

    I'm a huge fan of Bradley. The workrate he gets through and his approach is always flawless. Seems like he had another strong performance vs Watford today, and the commentators described him at one stage as:

    "Bradley Pritchard has the lungs of a cheetah. He turned defence into attack."

    I think he is terrific but the cheetah analogy was a poor one as they lack stamina and he has that and some!
  • He has a wonderful attitude matched by his engine. Genuinely looks like he is enjoying the experience and no sign of any arrogance whatsoever. If I had to pick a fault it would be that he is slightly built and sometimes one touch is enough to knock him off the ball. He compensates for this in shear tenacity. Still learning his trade I and hope he stays with us for a long time. A legend in the making.
  • Love the guy - he plays like he enjoys the game and to be fair he has occasional bad games and bad spells in games, but what would you expect from a player who was in non-league a season or so back?

    I like the way CP uses him - there could be a temptation to ovrr-use him or leave him on the bench but he's given him several extended runs in the team and then drops him to the bench for a week or two to prevent him from getting over-exposed.
  • Brilliant idea, Huskaris.

    What I love about Pritch is his sheer enthusiasm and joy of actually playing - and the privilege of playing for Charlton.

    The consummate team player, always covering and tracking, knowing when to tackle and when not to, the tidy pass invariably to feet, the lung busting run from deep - the type of player that makes a team greater than the sum of its parts.

    Sure, he's physically slight but his sense of timing compensates for that.

    Well done, Pritch .......and I feel the best is yet to come.
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    If he can work on his first touch and improve it by a considerable amount then he is destined for better things

    If he can't I really fear should SCP leave pritch will spend more time on the fringes than the first team

    He is raw and has been coached into a good championship standard midfielder

    He needs to make more space for himself by improving his first touch

    I think he is a great addition to the team and would always be picked by me to feature

    Think his endurance and his engine is un real
  • There's only one Bradley Pritchard.
  • Legend in the making. Got the Johnnie Robinson/Kinsella Charlton spirit.
  • My best mate !
    020.JPG 980.1K
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  • Legend in the making. Got the Johnnie Robinson/Kinsella Charlton spirit.

    spot on there - him and lawrie wilson are two parts of the midfield that are starting to resemble the old curbs type midfields where we would out work the other teams and play simple effective football.
  • Favourite charlton player for a long time. Watching him reminds of the charlton team of Stevie Brown and Robbo.

    When i grow up i want to be pritch. Some might say for a 15 stone 25 year old thats a bit ambitious.
  • He reads the game very well and anticipates opposition passes. He is great at stealing the ball and laying off. He rarely miss-passes the ball. Wins his fair share of high balls too!
    A bit slow when on the hoof with the ball at his feet. Usually misses his half chances (missed three today at Watford!) but as others say I love his effort and enthusiasm.
  • I am not sure if I have ever seen a player cover so much ground in a game as he did today. Fantastic. Wasn't sure he was good enough to play centre at this level but today defiantely.
  • By far and away the hardest working player (and probably the fittest) we have had in years. I actually think he is better technically than some give him credit for too. Tidies the midfield up well and always seems reliable in possession, especially when he is in the middle of the park.
  • I really like Pritch, and agree with a lot of the sentiments above. One thing I've noticed is that he's always taking responsibility for things, he lines up the walls with Ben Hamer for example. And his team-mates clearly love him as the celebration after his goal showed. Team ethic clearly counts for a lot in this side and I reckon Pritch is a big part of that.
  • The miss was not quite as bad as made out imho. Don't get me wrong, he should have scored but the pass was actually a little bit too close to him and he showed good composure to control a slightly awkward pass and get it out of his feet, he then looked up and made a good choice when picking his spot by aiming high and therefore over the despairing dive of the keeper. Unfortunately his aim was off by a couple of inches and he hit the bar instead of bulging the net.

    It was a bad miss but he missed it in the right way, if that makes sense. He didn't snatch at it or just aimlessly divert it goalwards without really thinking about avoiding the keeper's dive or any defenders on the line, there was a certain composure about the way he went about taking his shot. I think the fact he keeps getting into these positions and doesn't seem fazed when in front of goal bodes well. If he keeps getting starts I'm predicting he will have half dozen goals to his name by the end of the season.
  • What surprises me is his ability to jump and hang in the air, never shirks a header and at 5ft 7" he out jumps a great many
  • Could do with a decent song made up for him.
  • Love the bloke and it's a real pleasure to have watched his development.

    Even at the age of 27 he has the potential to become the nearest we've had to Scott Parker since he (Parker) left.
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  • Love the fella. Proper Charlton!
  • Top man, has all the right attributes for me.
  • And with experience he will get better and stronger.
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    He's been the top man for me so far this season. Shame about the miss against Derby - and the good chance today that he didn't convert. I think when he learns to keep a cool head in front of goal he'll be one of the best players in the division. As it is, he must surely be on course for our POTY.

  • Bradley - work on your finishing!!! Could have had a hat-trick today after popping-up in some great positions.
  • Love the man . Only wish his legs wouldn't go to jelly when it comes to shooting in the box !
  • If he works hard on it in training , the goals will come , he's getting in the positions, the goals will come.
  • I've expressed my admiration for Pritch in the past. The comparison with Keith Jones is a good one I think and that's decent praise indeed.
    Nice to hear that he is changing a few opinions of him over the course of the season.
  • top bloke, real hard worker. fully deserves to be in that midfield. Just wish his finishing was a little better!
  • Tutt-Tutt said:

    Bradley - work on your finishing!!! Could have had a hat-trick today after popping-up in some great positions.

    This. Probably the main thing missing from his game. An air shot today and then blazed over when he should have at least hit the target. But his enthusiasm and energy is immense and he obviously enjoys playing whilst out there. Improving all the time though.
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