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Turbo means, faster blind increases (5 mins instead of 10) and less chips to start (1000) instead of (1500). Regular format texas hold-em, 6 per table, leaderboard points up for grabs $5.50 to enter.

-if you don't already have it,download the free PokerStars software from

-Open the main lobby,then click the Home Games tab
-Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
-Enter the Club ID number: 19158
-Enter the Invitation Code: PSCharltonLife05

That's it. Once approved, we'll all be ready to start playing together.

Come and try it, half decent standard with first class banter.


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    Come on England! :)
  • probably in for this one
  • will register shortly
  • Will reg later should be fun!

    Had a poker weekend in DTD Nottingham, Friday played £30, 105 runners came 5th for £170. Saturday-Sunday played 6 max tourney through sky £220 (got in for £10) 200 runners, 27 got paid i came 29th :( played really well all weekend, was £10k up top aswell.
  • Exit hand i have 55,000, Blinds 2500/5000/500 folds round to button/dealer i shove obviously with AJo, BB wakes up with KK (harsh)

    was nearly chipleader with about 60 left too , nvm next time was great fun would recommend it! DTD is awesome
  • Unlucky JB x
  • I know :P , biggest problem was probably not having more chips as day before i had 200-240k with only 3 levels left but was too drained/drunk last 3 levels so must have affected me a few flips lost and raise folded too much, although walked into some hands so wasnt terrible.
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  • I've registered
  • Strange set up for this game. Having less chips in a tourney that has quicker blind levels. Dont think this will be short of action.
  • Strange set up for this game. Having less chips in a tourney that has quicker blind levels. Dont think this will be short of action.

    The whole point in a 'turbo' game I thought, was forcing more action and high pace, was sort of hoping the fact that it will be much faster may encourage more people that usually need to get away more quickly (eg. early start in morning). probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but there are only 2 scheduled this one and our next Knockout. Just to get a feel for it really. Only other one is the hyper-turbo heads up at christmas. Made that super fast incase anyone gets an auto buy-in to next round because of uneven numbers, last time we attempted heads up tournie the waiting around for too long ruined it for some, but some wanted to try it again.

    I do like to mix it up for everyone and any suggestions for next schedule will be noted and everyone will try to be catered for.
  • Sorry that was not a moan. I think the varied games are a great idea. Sorry if the last post seemed negative.
  • Turbo games don't suit my style of play so your gonna see a different Bedsaddick tonight !!
  • Sorry that was not a moan. I think the varied games are a great idea. Sorry if the last post seemed negative.

    I know CC just wanted to explain anyway :))

  • 10 mins late registration
  • enjoyed format, silly i missed opening 10 minstho. Firstly Sadie KQ suited in that spot with your stack you have to go broke, ul CTJ woke up with AQ, secondly gl all nice call CTJ

    look forward to next
  • Hate the turbo games. out in no time.
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  • Results 1st place CTJ1976 $32.50, 2nd place addicks7-6 $17.50, 3rd place and bubble gt3826.

    26 minutes
    a bit too fast but only a bit of fun, whats your thoughts on next game as it was meant to be turbo Knock-out??
  • Wish it was knockout. i would have been quids in.
  • our knockouts are at least 9 handed so slows it down a tad and same amount of people would have paid to 3rd.
  • Dont like ko myself,prefer just standard NLH. Start with 3000 chips 6 handed 12 mins blind should be good format or 10 mins
  • edited October 2012
    our 'normal games' are 1500 chips and 10 min blinds, if we play 3000 and 12 mins we'd be playing till morning lol x
  • Sadie give me a date, not literally ;) and ill set up next tourney if thats ok? also if ppl can say how long they want it to last i can then hopefully put blinds to take around that. I would suggest about 2 hours approx
  • the next scheduled tournament before the KO in question is for 28th our regular $11. I don't think there was anything wrong with the way they were, the turbo was the only thing that was questionable. The next one on 28th would just be 6 handed, 1500, 10 minutes. Sometimes they last an hour sometimes nearly 3 it depends how many people show up lol.
  • Just asuggestion, i was happy with todays for a bit of fun. Just thought i may bring a good format to the table, no worries :)

    still think 3000 starting chips would be miles better
  • Also the homegames don't really give you much choice the blind levels are 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes and game speed is either normal or fast.
  • I had a look ;) 3000 chips would be better, willgive more to play with
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