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Charlton Life End of Season Thank You's - 11/12

As has been tradition, the season has not properly ended without sending out a thank you message.

Normally this message starts with ‘I know it has been a disappointing year for Charlton, but...’ and then a load of spin rhubarb that Alistair Campbell would have been proud of to try and emphasise the positives.


There is no need this season! Thank you Chris Powell and the lads for lifting what was starting to feel like a ‘CL curse’. Six years we have been going and the first five of it could not have picked a worse time!

Whilst there is generally a lot of hot wind and insaneness to fill the time, the site remains built around what happens on the days around a matchday. So in no particularly order:

Thank you to @WSS and @Henry_Irving for the provided the bulk of the excellent previews that start the ball rolling, and @StubleyAddick for helping out when they are drunk busy.

For those not at the game though, the Matchday threads are a brilliant way of keeping people connected, and @RedMidland, supported by wing commander @PaddyP17 do a brilliant job in relaying the action and leaving a written record that conveys a sense of the drama of each and almost every match. Thanks to those two, and to the various others (@Oriental, @LL, @Johnny73, @Seth_Plum amongst others) who have filled in and discovered just how bloody hard a task it is!

The unique Statbank is in its third season now, and it’s the first one @Lancashire_Lad has crunched all the stats on his own. Many thanks to LL for helping provide such a valuable, quality service that believe me takes a hell of a lot of time and patience. We are both working on the Bumper End of Season Statbank, which will be published in the next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Whilst on the subject of time consuming, @Shirty5 continues to do a brilliant job with the Predictions League and we are all extremely grateful for the work he does with that. Congratulations to @CAFCSinger on your impressive victory.

Additional thanks @Sadie for organising the regular poker nights, and to those of you (willingly or unwillingly) how helped provide some articles, or wrote such good posts they got promoted to articles. @GrumpyAddick in particular deserves a special mention for his brilliant writing.

Fundraising to support club issues during tough times, and continued support for good causes such as Demelza and the Upbeats Programme have always been one of the key things we wanted to try and get out of this site. In the last five years we’ve raised in excess of £55,000 for good causes, and raised over £7,000 in shirt sponsorships to help sponsor 18 players. That is fantastic commitment, from so many people that use CL as not just somewhere to have a moan up. Thank you all for embracing these aspects so positively.

The Shirt Sponsorship Scheme this year got an amazing response this year, with over 150 members contributing. We started in 2008/09 in sponsoring two players, and this has grown incredibly to EIGHT players this season. This is a direct way where we can pool together to benefit our club, and massive thanks go to @Curb_it who organises the whole thing, and tries to bump up the prizes we have to offer so it gets shared around as much as possible. Thank you too, to others who donated prizes or dinner seats they could not attend, and to all of you who participated.

The Auctions have also been a brilliant success this season. Thank you to all of you who have donated prizes and bid in the auctions. @Henry_Irving does a terrific job organising these and would not have been anywhere near as successful without his co-ordination, so thank you Henry for this.

The money raised this season from the auctions (donated, the excess sponsorships, and the recycling sponsorship prizes) is approaching £6,000. From what has been allocated so far, over £3,500 went to club-related donations (sponsorship of Youth team minibuses, first team train travel, gifts for the Young Addicks party), while so far the money raised for the Charlton Upbeats programme is circa. £2,000, and we’ll be liaising with CACT over the summer on how they can best utilise this.

And finally, thanks to every one of you who helped complete the Survey we ran earlier this year. The results provided a good insight into Charlton, and the fellow supporters who use this site, and equally we are grateful for the honest feedback you supplied. As stated at the time, the volume of traffic CL now receives and the amount of work and finance it involves means that it simply isn’t possible to continue on as a costly hobby. The site will change ahead of the new season one way or the other, and let’s hope a new era for CL brings with it a new, successful era for Charlton. Given the inevitable changes, we will work very hard to ensure that nothing impacts the strong sense of community we have all built here and the positive impact we have all had on making supporting Charlton something we are all incredibly proud of.

Have a great summer guys!
AFKA and Lookout


  • Thanks for the site. Have slowly come to depend on it as the years have passed. I do not get to the amount of games I would like (for various reasons) and this site has inspired me to attend again.
    I was genuine in my offer of support in my survey response. At the very least I get more out of this site than I do cafcplayer and as I subscribe to that I would be happy to pay an annual subscription here.
  • Yeah, thank you all back!
  • Sorry slight correction, we sponsored 7 players but had 8 places at the dinner due to Addick in Exile giving us his place. I think i mentioned 8 a few times before.

  • Thank you back! Since I lost my job three weeks ago this site has stopped me from climbing the walls. Always something to read. Brilliant site.
  • I know we are biased, but I have not come across another football forum like this and I hope the club are as proud to be associated with this site, as this site and its members are proud of the club.

    I couldnt begin to guess the amount of work involved on this site, and would probably have to look for a new job if this forum was ever blocked from my work PC !!!

    many thanks to all involved.
  • And thanks to you Afka and Lookie for hosting the site.
  • I'm a relative newcomer to the site having joined at the beginning of the year. In that time I have laughed out loud,sworn at my phone & been moved by the support of Lifers to those experiencing difficult times.

    Charlton is the glue that binds us and sets us apart from the great unwashed.

    Congratulations and many thanks to all those responsible whose sterling work make CL what it is.
  • Was it not cafcsinger who won the predictions game.
  • Yep, cheers Nick the Nap, the pundits enemy !
  • To those who have created and maintain the site, thank you. For those who regularly contribute - thanks for the great read, even when I do not agree with what's being written! After following the club for over 10 years, I finally had the nerve to join CL this year and even got to attend my first match at the Valley...! Looking forward to whatever format this site evolves into as the next chapter is written by the Club....Thanks all and have a great summer!
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  • P.S. - Hope to meet more CLifers at my next Valley game this coming it at RoD, the Lib, etc or even in the stands....!!!!
  • edited May 2012
    Thanks to everyone involved ... the only Charlton site I visit on a daily ... hourly ;-) ... basis ... keep up the great work
  • Thank you to all the birds I've met and slept with off this site , you know who you are
  • Big thanks back to all who make this site tick over on a daily basis and keep us all in check.

    We sometimes lose sight of the fact you all have regular jobs and family's to keep you busy so well done all for the time and effort to keep CL a part of what is now everyday life.
  • Been a good year to be a Charlton supporter, and a big thank you to all the people who make this site such a success.
    Back as a season ticket holder next year, after a year off on my football management sabbatical .i.e Saturday mens league, which seemed like hard work to me......, so of course back to the Valley for every home game, and hopefully a few selected away games.
  • Thanks guys its been a happy 1st year on CL!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks for all your work and for keeping it free/real..

  • Thank you to all who provide this site - I find it the best place for news and views on the club. Long may it continue!
  • Sincere thanks to those who run such a special site; it must take such a huge commitment. I can't pretend to have looked but as mentioned elsewhere, I doubt very much there's another site like this for any similar-sized club. We're all very fortunate.
  • Also thanks to Romford (I think?) for the E UPDATE personal favourite of the season!

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  • Thank you for the days,
    Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.
    I'm thinking of the days,
    I won't forget a single day, believe me.

  • I resent the implication that I have ever been drunk busy. Drunk? yes. Busy? yes but never at the same time.

    Thanks for providing the platform for the reviews, the auctions and my other ramblings. And thanks to all the bidders. Even if you didn't win you helped drive the price up.
  • No problems guys....really enjoyed doing the previews, helped me with my future career!
    As others have said thank you for making lives much more enjoyable and SOME games more bearable!

  • Well done. Keep up the good work guys. Don't post much these days. Must be coz i've got nothing to moan about.Lets hope it stays that way.
  • As always, one of the first sites I check everyday and as enjoyable as ever. Next season I may even be brave enough to meet one or two of you Lifers in person!
  • Thank you to everyone connected with the site!
  • @Grapevine49 should return now.
  • Thanks Dazzler.
  • Thanks to all my fellow admin.
  • The best season Charlton have had since this site was launched...
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