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The Top 20 posters



  • Ha ha still there, No 1 in s london
  • im very proud.... and so's my boss!
  • Ketman's only up there due to his love life blogging......
  • No Red Card has been Issued that's enough of that !
  • I must be busy not in the top 20 - better stop working.
  • Steady Eddie me!

    Meanwhile weve all been taken from behind by Curb_It!
  • edited October 2006
    I must stop slacking
  • How comes you're not in the list AFKA, you're on this site 24/7
  • All true Charlton fans finish 13th 12th.
  • [cite] Rothko:[/cite]How comes you're not in the list AFKA, you're on this site 24/7

    Have a look at the top of this thread...... It would appear AFKA and Lookout don't want to be associated with us peasant posters......
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  • [cite] Rothko:[/cite]How comes you're not in the list AFKA, you're on this site 24/7

    Hey rothko, dont say that, i am winning!!
  • Mate you dont win anything you know
  • its very interesting though, that the results would be vastly different if it was for visits, or for discussions created.
  • Just give me time....
  • that's if you last long enough...

  • [cite] Oracle:[/cite]Just give me time....

    Whatever you say 'David Ellis'....
    edited October 2006
    [cite] CharltonDan:[/cite]Mate you dont win anything you know

    Hopes crushed, how can you be so cruel Dan!!
  • Ignore him Ollie, you will be the Champion Poster of this Board something that others can only dream of...!
  • 15th in the table with a series of boring yet effective posts.

    I like what i'm doing!
  • Yes but do I get a prize for getting one user name in the previous top 20 and then getting 1905 into this top twenty.

    Crap post but it adds to the stats!!
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  • Luckily I haven't made the "Get a life" list.

    A one line post about mobile phones, or what pub to drink in constitutes what exactly?

  • its just so unfair seating on the subs bench every day and not getting the chance to show my talents at sending copious amounts of posts. Hey ho....I will just have to settle for picking up my pay cheque each week!
  • Its all about multi tasking Solidgone - making the top twenty, picking up your pay cheque and still putting in a request for overtime.
  • [cite] Riscardo:[/cite]Luckily I haven't made the "Get a life" list.

    I wouldn't get too cocky, you're in 35th place. I suppose its quality not quantity.

    can't believe you're even considering blowing me out for tonight. you're outfit might make it into The Sun report tomorrow...
  • 3rd. Do I qualify for a Eurolife?
  • Big drop for me. I'm gonna have to start posting crap like the rest of ya's ;)
  • Fifth place...well I'm no longer in a CL place position for next year but I'm confident that if I can make a ccouple of signings in the January window that I'll be in the UEFA cup, anything but the inter-dodo cup.

    RSI of course could be a problem.
  • Talking of RSI, is it possible to get it in one finger? Its my index finger, so is used quite alot when typing for me. Has been friggin killing me lately!
  • For one/two finger typists like me it does give me a bit of grief.
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