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The Top 20 posters

Some argue that quantity is more important than quantity, so it gives me great pleasure in announcement O4-MCS the most prolific poster so far :-)

1. 04-MCS
2. Stanmore Addick
3. Black Forest Reds
4. Charlton Dan
5. Suzi Sausage
6. Rothko
7. Medders
8. Salad Spinner
9. Henry Irving
10. Len Glover
11. cafcpolo
12. Curb It
13. Inspector Sands
14. Ketman
15. Peakeys rocket
16. T
17. West stand singer
18. Forrevered
19. kigelia
20. Addickted

Well done you lot, keep up the good work because F-blocker, Large and Carling are snapping at your heels.

To the rest of you, buckle down and start talking rubbish. 04-MCS has proved its the way forward !!


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    Nothing like mid table obscurity!

    What I'd give for that at the end of the season!
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    Do yourself & Lookout not count then?
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    Nope- there are the Management! ;-)
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    i hope so, but didn't really think appropriate mate.
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    got nothing to add here,just bumping my tally up a bit.
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    Admin...Ban this fool for pointless posts ;)
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    I'm just bedding in my new keyboard.

    Got some loose keys, which is disappointing, but probably to be expected as they didn't have a full preseason with me like the rest of them.

    The new keys brought into the keyboard have settled in well, though the new Central Spacebar has a hairline crack in it. The two early suspensions of both the Insert Key and the Caps Lock key were obviously a blow.

    Do the European place go as far down as Medders next season?
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    i like your humour Addickted, you seem like a decent type.
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    CTRL freak
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    A Loan Deal for a new Page Down Key has been reached with Dell until January.

    The Page Down Key is quoted at being delighted at joining Addickted's keyboard and is looking forward to being used

    on a more

    regular ba

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    Whats the top 20 now AFKA? I reckon Riscardo has shot up the list after his mid-afternoon outburst ;)
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    the lads had a mango milkshake and gone post crazy !!

    not complaining, takes the heat of me trying to think of new discussions all the time
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    Afka, Do you actually do any (proper) work these days??
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    Surely this counts as work....
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    Is there now such a thing as the "charlton Life clique"?
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    hope not, just one big happy family :-)

    Everyone is welcome and treated equally on this site, as long as their intention isn't to deliberately p off other users.
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    edited September 2006

    It is with regret that Charlton have decided to release youngster "SysRq" from the academy keyboard. According to Stev Gritt, he hasn't made the expected progress and hasn't figured, at any level, in a long time

    The release of SysRq follows hot on the pads from that of unusually named "Wavey thingy key next to Ctrl" who, despite being well respected, was a bit of an unknown quantity and considered too much of a risk.
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    Yet again quality keys are let goal. What's going wrong? I think we are just a few vowels away from a decent keyboard.
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    [align=center] I know Curbs used to favour

    W E R T
    Y U I O P


    ... but what would be your first choice eleven?
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    The Y is useless- runs around like a headless chicken and his pass completion is woefull.

    But some people will always stick up for him

    Probably Curbs' worst signing
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    ... although independent commentators tend to remember Curbs better for:

    O M E >
    P A R T $

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    [cite]Posted By: stanmoreaddick[/cite]The Y is useless- runs around like a headless chicken and his pass completion is woefull.

    But some people will always stick up for him

    Probably Curbs' worst signing

    Yeah, God knows how he gets into BULGARIA
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    I am still seeking promotion! :-)
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    Get in, how proud am i of myself.

    No one internet geek! lol
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    edited September 2006
    A Dowie XI:
    6 + 7 s

    Hash Pause Backslash Dash

    Blank Underscore

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    edited October 2006
    Right pop-pickers, O4-MCS retains his title as the most prolific comment poster, but plenty of changes in the top 20, with big moves for Curb It and Ketman. Rock on !

    1 (1) 04-MCS
    2 (12) Curb It
    3 (9) Henry Irving
    4 (4) Charlton Dan
    5 (3) Black Forest Reds
    6 (2) Stanmore Addick
    7 (14) Ketman
    8 (8) Salad Spinner
    9 (5) Suzisausage
    10 (6) Rothko
    11 (7) Medders
    12 (13) Inspector Sands
    13 (10) Len Glover
    14 (11) Cafc Polo
    15= (17) West Stand Singer
    15= (15) Peakey's Rocket
    17 (-) 1905
    18 (-) Large Addick
    19 (20) Addickted
    20 (19) Kigelia

    Very thin line between 20-40. You need to up your games, stop blaming finger injuries and poor formations. You're currently in a tunnel, and you need to keep posting till you reach the light :-)
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    The problem of being off work, it cuts down on opportunities to post!!
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    Right Im of to bed........
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