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Tis the season to be jolly, and one of our members is doing his best to share some cheer amongst their fellow lifers.

To celebrate the opening of their new shop at 174 Westcombe Hill, Blackheath this Saturday, McDonnell Bookmakers are offering a series of free bets to Charlton Lifers.

A £50, £25 and £10 free Charlton bet are on offer simply by answering the question below correctly.

Formed just six years ago, this will be McDonnell Bookmakers fourth outlet, with existing shops already operating in Woolwich, Deptford and Grove Park. The group are good supporters to Charlton, holding an executive box and taking out perimeter advertising, and now they want to offer Charlton Lifers the chance to win some free bets.

To enter the draw to win one of the three free bets on offer, simply answer the question below by 2pm Friday 9th December:


What Macca did Lennie Lawrence sign for £650,000 in 1989:

A. Steve MacKenzie
B. Joe McLaughlin
C. Ron McDonald

How to Enter

1. Private Message - Click on Inbox at the top right of your screen, Start a new conversation, Enter AFKABartram as the recipient and type in your answer in the comments box
2. Email – Email [email protected], titled McDonnell Competition, and include both your answer and your CL username.

Colin Walsh, Theo Foley and Mark Penfold will be making an appearance between 11-12 this Saturday at the grand opening, so why don’t you get down there to meet some Legends and take advantage of some of the special Charlton bets McDonnell Bookmakers will have on offer, such as 6/1 on BWP to be the 1st goalscorer at Walsall.

McDonnell Bookmakers guarantee to be the biggest price on any Charlton bet compared to other major bookmakers. Thanks to Jimmac for putting forward this fabulous prize.


1. Entries are open to all Charlton Life members, one entry per user, and must be received by 2pm Friday 9th December.
2. An independent draw will be conducted and the winners announced 3pm Friday December.
3. The three winners will be notified on how the can place their bets.
4. Bets cannot be broken down into a series of smaller bets, and must be a Charlton-related bet
5. Winners have until 31 December 2011 to place their bets.



  • One question,do you have to go to one of their shops to place the bet or can it be done over the phone?
  • edited December 2011
    No Ritchie, you wont need to go to the shop.

    After the draw I will send a private message to the winners and copy in jimmac. The winners can then agree with him how they place their free bet, either in person, by phone, email or pm on here. simple as that, no catches.
  • Many thanks!
  • now closed.

    Results in one hour.
  • The question proved more difficult to some than i thought it would, but the answer was

    B. Joe Mclaughlin

    Congrats to the 66 of you who submitted the right answer. You have gone into the draw and your balls have been suitably jiggled. Sadly Jim Rosenthal and Li Tie are unavailable to cock up the draw, so Suzi Sausage will act as independent adjudicator (i emailed her the draw list), and WSS will be picking the balls.

    So, over to WSS. Pick three random numbers in any order between 1 and 66. First one out will be for the main prize. I'll then respond with who holds those numbers.

  • i read that as WSS will be pickling your balls
  • 47
  • 47 19 05
    my lucky numbers .. I hope
  • edited December 2011

    all seems a bit dodgy to me, expecting the following:

    1 WSS

    2 suzisausage

    3 AFKA

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  • edited December 2011
    And the lucky winners are:

    50 pound free bet - Lancashire Lad
    25 pound free bet - Dabos
    10 pound free bet - Olster

    Congratulations gents, and many thanks to McDonnell Bookmakers for the prize.

    I'll inbox the winners tonight with further details. Would be great if you let us know what you place your bets on so we can follow.
  • You have got to having fucking laugh, Plaayer wins every bloody time, I sick to death of it, nothing of the fact he goes to matches with you and wss is it christ all mighty, if it wasn't such a big piss take it would be funny. What's the point. Don't tell me he'll probably get given odds of 20-1 for Charlton to beat Oldham. You can stick your poxy competitions up your arse.
  • forgot to add ;-)
  • I'll have £50 on LancashireLad having £50 on Charlton to win this year's 1st Division title .. at about 1/2
  • Oh my word, a shocking draw disaster. The third place winner is in fact Olster, which cruelly enough comes out as Player on predictive text on my phone.

    Hangs head. Congrats Olster and apolgies Plaaayer
  • Piss up and brewery....
  • I am reporting this competition to the advertising standards authority (now I know I haven't won). You could not win £85 of free bets. The top prize was £50, you could win a share of £85.

    AFKA did you learn you trade by organising competitions on ITV?

  • I can give the number to lodge your complaint DRF. Please note, calls are charged at 1.50 a minute :-)
  • it was WSS jiggling with your balls that put you off wasn't it.
  • 25 pound free bet - Davos
    So close!!!! Or is that me?
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  • Ha, its you Dabos, I'm having a mare.

    Congratulations !
  • The standards of the site have just dropped dramatically in recent times.
  • Ha, its you Dabos, I'm having a mare.

    Congratulations !

    Many thanks to @WSS for his excellent number picking skills
  • to be a re-draw surely!
  • The observant may note the connection of this disaster draw with a late entry to the being drunk thread last night.....
  • hold up, so steve has (another) whinge and the old 'predictive text' excuse gets wheeled out. who runs this place you or him!!!! ;-)
  • just do the whole draw again its the only way to make it fair :)
  • hold up, so steve has (another) whinge and the old 'predictive text' excuse gets wheeled out. who runs this place you or him!!!! ;-)
    Steve has certain photos.  I've seen them so I can understand why AFKA does what he's told!
  • As long as Plaayer dont win I don't care ;-), but let's be honest Jim Rosenthal and Li Tie would have done a better job.


    And Gary I dont whinge I state facts.

  • Just got back from the pub and read this, I demand a £10 free bet or I'll be taking myself over to Into The Valley you bastards.
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