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This Is Jinsy

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Funniest surrealist comedy since Q9?


  • That's certainly one view. Another would be that it's the worst thing I've seen on TV since Marc Wootton
  • I've not had the pleasure of Marc Wooton, but having googled him I think I'll stick to the Jinsy.
  • It's awful. You can't get away with just trying to be wierd, surely there has to be at least an element of comedy too.

  • Stig I'm with you mate

    Brilliant show
  • takes it lead from League of Gentlemen and Father Ted, gets it all wrong and is crap!
  • Father Ted!   Why because it's on an island????
  • Yes.

    or no, it's trying to be as zany and off the wall and just feels very forced, not my cup of tea at all, each to their own though, comedy is a personal thing and personally I can't stand it.

  • Actually, I agree with you that both Father Ted and League of Gentlemen are better.  I just don't see any connection link in style between Jinsy and Ted.
  • I think it has a similar dreamy weirdness to Ted, in style it borrows possibly more heavily from LOTG, that of course is a modern comedy classic.
  • Just about made it to the end of the first episode. Decided it wasn't written with me in mind!
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