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Labradors, German Shepherds & Dogs.....

Buster ready for His 1st "Walk"


  • cute!
  • Labs, the best dogs ever bar none. Loyal, faithful, loving and great with the kids. Still brings a tear to my eye remembering the day I had to have our old boy put down. We use to nickname ours 'condom', everytime me and the missus snuggled up on the sofa, he wouldn't give up until he had wormed his way in between us.
  • What Essex said
  • yup, have a chocolate one myself and bar her eating pratically everything in the park she's the perfect dog
  • This could be controversial but, whilst I was brought up with Labs,.....the best dogs in my opinion are German Shepherds....but then I do have 4 adult dogs and a litter of 11 currently.

    However, whatever type of dog you own.....that to you will be the best one!!
  • They would certainly run a close second for me Red. Had one for years in my younger days, lovely old fellah.
  • Black Flat Coat Retriever  -friendliest, daftest most beautiful dog in the world - but then I'm biased
  • Vicious bloody things those Alstation dogs, got bitten by one when was little.

    I want one of those Pekingnese mountain dogs ; )

  • Alstation T.C.E????? .....was there a train in it???? LOL........hows your GSD?
  • I was bitten by  a GSD when very young, but I was told that it was my fault. Since then had 2 as neighbours and they were lovely, when the first had pups the Lass, who is a nurse, went next door and delivered 10 all adorable. Nowt wrong with GSDs but FCRs better !
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  • Got a young black lab.  She's full of energy, absolutely crackers and a lovely, lovely mutt. 
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    Hiya Red, just refering to a conversation I had once with Shootershill's only living 'brain donor' who got bitten by an 'Alstation' I corrected him twice and then said German Shepherd, he said "no, it was definately an 'Alstation'

    He then preceded to tell me he wanted a Pekingnese mountain dog!!


    Ps Bailey's top drawer (today) ; )

  he aint, he's cut one of his pads. :

  • i really don't know why, people seem to be, so enamored with the labrador? there pretty dull, dumb dogs and invariably overweight, or at least the one's i meet in the park are.

    the border collie for me wins hands down, particularly the red variety, i love dogs that have long hair over smooth any day and mine, unbelievably clever, does all the housework, goes out to work 5 days a week, to keep me in the luxury that i deserve and never moans, not once!%-{>
  • leftbehind 10:44AMWhat Essex said
    What, you nicknamed your dog "condom" too???;o)
  • So... little (12 week old) Buster had His 1st walk today.
    He loved the new smells and people (how can you not say "hello" to a Lab.Puppy), but, the noise made Him very nervous. 
    Just a 5 minute up the road and back, He was shaking when we got Home, then He run into the back garden and did the biggest p**h He's ever done.
    He came back in looking proud !
  • Used to have a half Labrador, half don't-know-what-the-father was. She was lovely, not particularly bright though.
  • Dog owners piss me off because they wait until dark to walk them along our street, the dogs poo on the pavement, and in the dark mornings hurrying to work you step in it. I want the dog owners to encourage their dogs to poo outside their own front gate, not mine.
  •  Dog owners p*ss you off because they wait until after dark??

    Is that the same as you must be a Hooligan because you like football?

    My dog is trained to S*** in my garden like all of us he gets caught short, when he does I pick it up!

    And by the way, he's scared of the dark ; )

  • T.C.E. I wish the dog owners round here picked it up like you do.
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  • I always pick mine up,particularly if I've run out of sausages. delicious in a roll with ketchup, you'd never know the difference.
  • To Sillav:

    Are you the bloke that parks his van down Floyd Road on Saturdays?
  • Seth a bit harsh mate to tar us all with the same brush....I've got 4 GSD's all go out for walks during the free over parkland etc, BUT I and my wife always pick up after them and take the poo to the nearest proper bin, if there isnt one we take it home. However I do agree that their are a large minority who dont act responsibly, even had one dog owner let their dog crap outside my front garden and walk off....he soon got told by us and he came back and picked it up....not seen him since.
  • I saw a news item years ago where people pushed those little plastic windmills into every bit of dog poo in a park, to warn others and especially to warn about a place where children play (because of a blinding illness kids can get from dog poo). The park looked like it had a forest of windmills, the cameras then filmed the parkie telling the activists to stop marking the poo in this way, there followed a fascinating conversation where an activist told the parkie to stop dog owners letting their dogs poo in the park.

    I really like GSD's, and most dogs (except the trophy violent dogs the hoodies walk around with....I bet they don't clear up much poo), so I know there are zillions of good dog owners....but one splat, and an hour cleaning the footwell of your car, and your shoes, when you should be at work, makes me wary of all dog owners good or bad.

  • Sorry Seth, but if Bailey has a dump you dont step in it.

    You drive round it ; )

  • Yep yep gotcha....with two questions, what do you do if it is dark or nighttime, and should we always have to walk everywhere staring at the ground for poo instead of enjoying looking around us?

    I once challenged a woman holding the lead of a dog pooing outside my place and she replied 'I's not my dog', and then walked off leaving the steaming pile behind.

  • You obviously want the finer details Seth, so here they are.

    Bailey is trained to ask for various things!

    Food, water and a dump are included in this. We know he will ask when he has any of these needs.

    Bailey prefers to dump in my front garden, why the front? because as a little un' we socialised him in the front garden and trained him to use it rather than the back as like you, we wanted to enjoy our surroundings rather tread in the odd mishap.

    In answer to your questions.

    Firstly unless we are going to the pub with him (500 yds away) Bailey is never walked late at night.

    When ever Bailey is walked day or evening I carry 3 x S*** bags and a small bottle of water (in case of the trots, no! not me.) 


    Due to the trophy dogs as they are called, I steer clear of certain areas.

     I have no intention of getting arrested for smacking some yob who thinks its clever to goad his dog into having a go a that "Big German Shepherd"


    you are perfectly entitled to walk the paths and parkland without the fear of treading in dog s***

    like you and most good dog owners it disgusts me and also the obvious health risks are there to be seen.

    Children should allowed to play in parks and fields without fear of rolling in something.

    I should be allowed to enjoy the company of my dog without treading in dog s***, without being challenged to a fight (the Dogs that is) or would you bring your dog to my bitch when she's in season, and we'll go halves on the profits : (

    which incidently my answer is,

    his stud fees are 2 grand!! that shuts them up ; )

    My dog is on the the second level of what is known as "Good Citizen award" having completed his basic puppy training and level one, we hope to go on to agility and or working trials (like Mr & Mrs RedMidland) but we shall see, Bailey is still a baby.

    As for picking up others on their dogs crap, 100% correct. 

    I do it all the time, the favourite answer is "I dont have a bag" at which I produce one from my pocket. 

    Like most things in life its about respecting others and taking responsibility.

  • Stig 7:47AM

    To Sillav:

    Are you the bloke that parks his van down Floyd Road on Saturdays?

  • Love dogs have a black labrador, didnt see him for a year due to moving he still remembered me and we jumped around wrestling each other for about half an hour. Everyone loves our Tazz.
  • Got a black lab now, soft as slippery doo's but great with kids. had a GSD a long time ago. was such a good guard dog when my eldest was born, at 3 days old the health visitor came round and picked her up out of the moses basket, hence said dog bit her on the arse. she gave us alternative get rid or threatened legal action. i took dog to lincolnshire police for a trial but she failed to retrieve anything due to being giddy after a long drive, but they had a waiting list for GSD's and took her anyway. i cried all the way home, at 26!
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