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Top five Billys

I am sure we have all noticed that today is the birthday of Jacques de Billy (1602), the famous French mathematician. Who are the top five Billys from history. No Williams, Billies, Bills or Wills allowed.

For me it has to be

Billy Wright
Billy the kid
My friend Billy
The aformentioned Jaques de Billy
Billy Bones (treasure island)


  • Billy Bunter
    Billy Bragg
    Billy Bonds
    Billy Bremner
    Billy No Mates
  • Billy Gunn

  • Billy mitchell
  • Biily Bullshit?
  • billy the fish

  • billy connolly
    billy goat gruff
    billy werbernik
    billy ocean
    billy ray cyrus
  • edited March 2011
    Billy Corkhill
  • Billy Kiernan (Charlton's sixth highest scorer of all time)
    Billy Joel
    Billy Elliott
    Billy Bong (Austrailian)
    Billy and Benny (the flowerpot men)
  • Its meant to be top five not any old assorted bunch of Billys not previously mentioned, having said that my revised top five Billys are

    Billy Bragg
    Billy the Kid
    Billy Goat gruff (the middle one)
    Billy the Fish
    Billy Sunbury Addick (did either of you used to get the train through Hampton after a game?)
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  • By the way who is Billy Gunn? And does he not know that a man should really not have lips there instead of a penis.
  • Billy Preston
    Billy Liar
    Billy don't be a hero
    Billy Bob Thornton
    Billet Doux!
  • [cite]Posted By: Six-a-bag-of-nuts[/cite]Billy Preston
    Billy Liar
    Billy don't be a hero
    Billy Bob Thornton
    Billet Doux!

    Oi! No Billets please.
  • Drat!
    OK boss.
  • Billy Idol
    Billy Crystal
    Billy Holiday (spelling?)
    Billy Big Nuts
    Silly Billy
  • edited March 2011
    Billy Cotton

    Billy Cotton Jnr.

    Billy J.Kramer

    Billy (of Billy's Boots in the Tigrt/Roy of the Rovers

    Billy the white horse: hero of the 1923 Cup Final
  • [cite]Posted By: Bournemouth Addick[/cite]Billy Idol
    Billy Crystal PalaceBilly Holiday (spelling?)
    Billy Big Nuts
    Silly Billy

    I actually find Billy Crystal Palace more offensive than Silly Billy! Shame on you BA!

    Billy Fury
  • Two excellent ones at the end there March51. Might have to revise my top 5 again.

    Looks like Billy is an excellent name for comic characters (Whizz, Fish, Boots).
  • billie piper
  • Ta Mr.C: I'll send you the bill.
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  • edited March 2011
    billy whizz
    sport billy
    billy fury
    billy connolly
    billy paul
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]billie piper
    [cite]Posted By: March51[/cite]Ta Mr.C: I'll send you the bill.

    Read the rules, no Billies or Bills.
  • Billy No Mates
  • Billy Big Potatoes
  • Billy Edwards, my no 1 Grandson, bless his cotton socks


    Billy the Feesh who has pride of place in our porch and who is Idolised by all 3 Grandkids. " Here's a little song I wrote.... " / " Take me to the River.... "

    ( Sorry , that's only 3 )
  • Chcuk Billy
  • Why cant they get billy ocean to warm us up before ko
  • " When the going gets tough.."

    Mmm - good idea Riscardo !
  • Billy Bonds
    Billy Landsdowne
    Billy Kiernan
    Song Billyong
    Willie Duff
  • The Bridgetown Billy Boys (not really my thing but a famous song

    Billy Bragg
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