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Simon Walton

At a time when it might help to look at those less fortunate than ourselves - Simon Walton has made the jump from the bench at Div 4 Crewe, to Sheffied United in the Championship.
Poor old Blades.


  • he has had ten clubs and is still only 22 . Says it all really
  • Ah, Simon Walton, one of Dowie's finest. Or was he one of Pardew's, they bought so much crap between them I still get confused.
  • I htought he had gone from Plymouth to Sheff U, or was he on loan to Crewe. Rememeber watching him at the friendly at Millwall, seemed to want to fight everybody, including himself.
  • yes he is on loan to Sheff Utd from Plymouth, was only on loan at Crewe. Has probably been signed for his cooking ability and the eye candy his missus supplies.
  • Walton seems to be another Marcus Bent, gets chance after chance at a new club at a decent level, regardless of what he's actually done in his career. Is he ever going to settle down at one club?
  • Strange signing.
  • a typical charlton signing/youth product of recent years .... as soon as you saw him play (if you had a scooby) you knew he was pony and as soon as you said he was pony the rose tinted blinkered brigade turn on you
  • Still time for him to develop as a player and a person. Marcus Bent is in his 30's now whereas Walton is barely 22. Never seen him play so cannot judge him on that front but was very highly rated at Leeds alongside Aaron Lennon so must have some ability.
  • Saw him on 'Come Dine with me'. Came across as a right wet lettuce.
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  • remember Blackwell used to coach and manage at Leeds, not sure if it was when Walton was first team but he definitely would have been youth team.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: cafcdan18[/cite]Still time for him to develop as a player and a person. Marcus Bent is in his 30's now whereas Walton is barely 22. Never seen him play so cannot judge him on that front but was very highly rated at Leeds alongside Aaron Lennon so must have some ability.[/quote]

    problem for Walton is he has not got a brain
  • Taken from the OS at the time of signing Walton -

    In a busy afternoon for Iain Dowie, the new head coach swooped to make England U19 international Walton his first capture since taking charge of the Addicks.

    And he also moved quickly to secure the future at the club of youth product Sam until 2010.

    "We're delighted to sign Simon and that Lloyd has signed a new deal,” said Iain. "We believe they are both exciting prospects.

    "It's part of a dual approach; we're looking at established talent but also youth talent we can develop and if you can dovetail those two then that's good for the future of the club.”

    Walton, who can play in both midfield and at the back, first featured for Leeds aged just 16 and made 32 appearances in his debut season in 2004/05, scoring three goals, but only played five times last season.

    "Simon is a talented boy and he might surprise a few people,” said Dowie.

    "He's very competitive, a very strong runner in terms of power and a great athlete who is very comfortable on the ball.

    "We think he's a very good investment for the future, but looking at his attributes he's a lad capable of playing in the Premiership sooner rather than later as well.”

    Former England U20 international Sam has four senior Charlton appearances to his name, but might have made more but for a series of injuries last season.
  • managed to lob his own keeper from about 25 yards in his debut at welling i believe.
  • Walton ruled out for season after a bad cruciate injury.
  • Does this mean his missus will need support?
  • I'll give his Missus support
  • Not if i get there first
  • Fighting over Bobby Zamora's sloppy seconds - disgusting :-)
  • edited July 2010
    She's been around ALOT, know alot of ppl who've had a go, admittedly before zamora when she was a little bit younger.

    She is also in my friends extended family; first time he meet him (walton) - thought he was the thickest excuse of a man, now he knows him he realises he's simply mentally retarded.
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  • So was what you just typed. ;o)
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]So was what you just typed. ;o)

    edited - maybe I should proof read posts before pressing, post comment!!
  • I don't actually think that he's that bad a player. Limited and perhaps lacking a bit up top but would do a job at our level at Centre Back. Not that I'm suggesting we should ever welcome him back.
  • Ha ha ha it had me quite confused scruffle! Makes more sense he really does have the personality of a used teabag!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: ChicagoAddick[/cite][url][/url]

    To be fair, he has had a nightmare with injuries.[/quote]

    I am sure I just saw on Sky News that he has done his cruciate and is now out for the season.
  • Did he ever play for us?
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: BlackForestReds[/cite]Did he ever play for us?[/quote]

    Dowies first signing and played in pre season friendlies, but never made a competitive game.

    BTW here is his misses
  • i saw her in bluewater about a month ago. i was going up the escalators and she was going the other way.recognised her but couldn't figure out how and thought i'd do the polite thing and say hello anyway,as you do. opened my mouth but thankfully nothing cameout,just shy of making more of a twat of myself as i just realised that i didn't in fact 'know' her at all but had seen her on bb or something
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