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Lloyd Sam being chased...

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  • Scrupulous agent - I don't get the impression it would be Lloyd himself trying to engineer a move? He's been decent this season but I can't see him making a difference to a promotion chasing Championship club so he may as well stay with us?
  • Doesnt even mention one club!...SSN at its worst.
  • "A number of clubs" the journalist doesn't know the names of.

    Now why would that be??

    /end cynicism
  • As a senior member of the Charlton Life management team I hope you've reminded him who owns his kit!

  • if he goes to Palarse make sure they pay in cash!

    including the signing and agents fees
  • Sam being chased................but tires after 60 minutes
  • I'm pretty sure he'd stick around at least till the summer to see if we go up
  • Different story if it was about Sam Lloyd.
  • If we got a decent fee (which, I know, is unlikely with his contract expiring in the summer) would this be a disaster?

    Scott Wagstaff is showing some form and if a lower league winger has already been scouted....

    I'd rather see him stay though.
  • What do you reckon would be a good fee? I would probably hope for 500k
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  • If the board got offered anything between 300k and 500k in January then I think they'd take it.
  • Not bothered he'll blitz them with his pace.... They can chase all they like but I doubt they'll catch!
  • can't see this happening to be honest, don't see anyone offering anywhere near half a million for a slightly above average championship player with 6 months left on his contract...anyone interested will try and convince him to sign a pre-contract agreement for the summer.

    I suspect he'll keep his options open (as will we) and see if we go up or not, then make a decision.
  • I guess if someone has to be sold in Januray to balance the books then getting a fee for Sam would be better then losing a player like Bailey.

    If it's as simple as that, which I'm sure it isn't.
  • Any fee received in the January window would be only be a small portion of what he'd be worth with a longer contract.
    Anyway, if we received £200k, what would that buy these days?

    Sam is worth much more to the team and our promotion push.
  • If we DO get promoted he is capable of playing at the higher level so one to keep if possible I would have thought.
  • When the Hull scouts were at the Valley, it was Sam that they picked out.
  • Think ElthamAddick has it nailed on. If he goes it will be on a Free on a pre-contract & be the worse kept secret since Hudson signed for us from Palace the same way a couple of years ago.
  • I thought this thread was about that ludicrous picture of him running with some shopping bags which was on the OS not too long ago!
  • Rather keep him and see. If we don't his wages are no doubt well undeserved in what he has contributed to the team over the years. I'm happy for his name to be first on the team sheet, and appreciate his contribution, but in the recent games I've seen Wagstaff he already looks to have developed more robustness in one season than Sam has in seven. Many champ clubs after him and willing to pay silly wages will be in the same boat as CP, Watford, and us over the next few seasons.

    I think they should try and drill Jonjo to play tight on the left in training, reserves and whenever. Look at swapping both Waggy and JJ around. Hopefully Parky has his eyes on a much more energetic and 90 min winger than Sam for the future.
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  • I thought it was another Ambrose thread.
  • lets be honest, Bailey, Shelvey, Racon and Sam will be linked with many clubs come Jan. Think we should try to ignore them and hope that the board can be strong enough to resist any bids and the players show some loyalty. Especially given the fact come June, many will be out of contract inc Sam so if we don't go up they can go anyway. If we do go up, then this may persuade them to sign a new deal (and on improved terms in the Champ).

    Personally I think Sam is one of the most valuable players we have (i mean to the team not financially), he has genuine pace, can beat his defender all game and has improved on his delivery. Also when teams double up on him, this free up space elsewhere. Another major factor with Sam which may attract clubs is his workrate, he may get knackered after 65 mins but generally he does put in a great shift and for the full back he offers great protection. Richardson for example must love Sam in front of him and they have looked impressive together going forward.
  • Surely we wont lose any of our current starting line up in January...?Mcleod can go, Mooney In, Fleetwood and Dickson can go, Akpo Sodje in, that would be ideal for us i think!
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    And on Lloyd Sam individually, i think he would be a massive loss, on his game i think he is one of our deadliest players!!!And we shouldnt just jump on the Wagstaff bandwagon just because he has shown a bit of promise, it wasnt long ago everyone on here were saying hes not good enough and too lightweight.
  • i agree with cafc_se7 Mcleod and Dickson out A.Sodje + Mooney in (if we can)
  • Look I agree Sam in this div is one of our biggest assets, and last year his assists were big. Personally I'm a fan, but I also realise he is like virtually all our other midfielders apart from Bailey he needs others to make the game for him or an oppo team to go pretty loose on him. There's no way this is going to change in his future career, and I'm not too sure that his wages are worth it.
  • anyone club above the league were in would be crazy taking him on.
  • [cite]Posted By: ColinTat[/cite]

    I think they should try and drill Jonjo to play tight on the left in training, reserves and whenever. Look at swapping both Waggy and JJ around. Hopefully Parky has his eyes on a much more energetic and 90 min winger than Sam for the future.

    Wont happen
  • We must try to keep all our first choice players, it would be a great shame tp lose lloyd
  • If he can walk for nothing in the summer, or we can get, say 1.5 million for him now, plus add ons, then let him go....and he is a deadly and effective player for us at this level, but better the dosh now than nothing in the summer.
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