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Richard Rufus testimonial

When the great man was introduced on the pitch earlier this season it triggered some thought that shortly after he retired he'd been promised a benefit match and there was talk of him giving the money to his church/charity. I certainly don't remember a match taking place. Does anyone remember this? If so, does anyone know why it didn't t happen. I think he'd still get a pretty good turn out - best defender I've seen in over 40 years of watching Charlton.


  • He had a testimonial dinner in 2004.

    By the way, great user name!
  • A credit to the club, both on an off the pitch,
    support this 100 per cent.
  • A benefit match would be great, get Super Clive, Kins, Deano, Powell, Youds etc to play. Would certainly get a decent attendance at the Valley.
  • How about play off final teams against eachother ?
  • I thought Rufus declined a testimonial when it was offered around the time he retired?
  • [cite]Posted By: stonemuse[/cite]He had a testimonial dinner in 2004.

    yeah the highlight of that was when i think it was dj spooney , jason euell and one other possibly kevin lisbie were bidding up the auction for a framed signed shirt and a picture of richards wembley goal and it was going at ridiculous money and they were spoofing each other higher and higher and it got to around £4k and the auctioneer give it some going once ,going twice sold to spooney at £4k and we have two others so yours at £3.9k jason and yours at £3.8k kevin and euell and lisbie were absolutely gutted that they ended up wearing it at such a high price when they were only spoofing ....
    (someone with a better memory than me might remember who was involved and at what price)
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