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England Womens Football Team

If you have a chance check out Eurosport tonight just seen the best womens goal I've ever seen.

They're beating Finland 3-1. Their third goal was fantastic.


  • The Goalkeepers though...
  • Agreed, our one is really poor, especially at set pieces.

    You have to see the goal though, she beat 4 players then thumped it in. Real quality.
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    They don't know how to close a game off. You dont run it into the corners with 10 mins + stoppage time to go ffs!!

    Coaching issue me thinks.

    Great result 3-2, but they lack a lot of savvy.
  • 3-2 to England - well done lovely ladies!
  • Haha wonder what the bar has on!
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    Just seen the Finns 2nd, that was also from a corner.

    Was like watching 8 year olds defending! The keeper hasnt a clue.

    The womens game is so much better going forward!
  • Aluko did well...

    A couple of testosterone tablets in her cocoa and I reckon she'd do great on the wing for us....
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    She finishes better than a lot of ours in the past seasons.

    She beat 4 players then smashed that goal in.

    She was with us before it went belly up, her brother plays for Aberdeen too. . . .
  • Yeah, scored a the winning goal in a cup final too, I think....
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  • Losing 2-1 to the Germans in the final at the moment
  • losing 4-2 now.

    what do women know about football anyway....

  • Oh well, its not as if anyone cares anyway, they will all be back in front of minuscule crowds at the weekend. Bit like any millwall players who strike it lucky with an international appearance now and then.
  • Women and football dont mix they are alright as arm totty at a game but feck all else, Just goes to show that they should be at home watching the men play
  • Just watched final in bar full of germans in cyprus
    not having a go but england ladies must be dartford fc
    or less level
  • I watched the semi final and the lack of nouse on the sidelines was *really* apparent and even more so tonite.

    Defensively they were awful, huuuuuge gaps between the 2 centre halves and Chapman going far too forward adn leaving the back four exposed.

    Bit like the men previously, they have the players but not the coach :o(
  • Good 2nd goal for the Germans, by the Nicky Bailey Lookalike..
  • At the risk of being sexist, I really think if you gave me and my mates (late 30's) 3 months to get fit,we would beat the womens team. The goalies are absolutely woeful. 30 yard shots are order of the day. Whereas we would have no chance against a female tennis player, cricket team etc
  • Hope Powell thinks clinical finishing was the difference!!

    Erm no it wasn't!

    For someone so experienced thats incredibly niave.

    Bit like her teams defending.
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  • England v Brazil tonight
    Shebelieves cup

    9PM on BBC4

    Will watch the 2nd half 
  • Parris has just put England 2-1 up against world champions USA

    Live on BBC2
  • Ref is American so expect USA to get a last minute penalty haha
  • England beating Japan 3 0 at half time, having drawn with USA and beaten Brazil. Unless there is a disaster in the second half means we will win the She Believes Cup. Magnificent statement ahead of this summers World CUp. Currently live on BBC 4
  • Sat back a lot more in the second half, but soaked up the pressure well. Good result.  
  • Saw the Japan and US games. Standard a lot better than I was expecting, and some decent goals
  • England lose to Spain to finish 3rd out of 4 

    Watched last 25 minutes and they were awful. 

    Sunday league standard. 
  • Oops still 3 mins additional time 

  • Not been watching, but a shocking run of results. Surely Neville must go?
  • Should have scored a couple in the first half. Second half they were awful, kept giving the ball away (sounds familiar...) and any chances that were created, the wrong option was chosen every single time.  
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