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Charlton Life end of season thanks to one and all

Just a quickie to offer, on behalf of Lookout and myself, our thanks and congratulations at the end of 2008/09.

May not be much to smile about on the pitch, but certainly much to be proud of where Charlton Life is concerned. We seemed to have moved so far as a group / name, I struggle to believe that CL is still not even 3 years old!

Our on-going committment to Demelza is something everyone should rightly be proud of. Our 16 runners in the Runtothebeat Half-Marathon braved wind and rain to raise £4,982. Our thanks to WSS for co-ordinating, Curb-It and Tavern for pooling their sponsorship, Kigelia for the training tips, and TCE for personally getting me round, along with all the other runners

Our group charity bet with will have raised in excess of £1,100 when the final payments have been made. Our thanks to Off It for the great suggestion.

It means, in the last two years we as a group have raised in excess of £41,000 for the benefit of Demelza, a staggering and i believe unique amount for such a small community supporters group. Thank you everyone who has either participated or contributed.

We managed to sponsor two players for the first time this year, JonJo Shelvey and Andy Gray. Our thanks to all of you who contributed, and congratulations to those who won the various prizes.

Charlton Life FC began in earnest. A team comprising of users of this forum of various ages and abilities played 3 games against supporters of Ipswich, Burnley and Preston this season, with over 20 users already pulling on the red and white. Its proved a great way of people meeting fellow users and something we'll expand upon next season. Our thanks to Charlton Charlie for co-ordinating.

Charlton Life Independent Tours launched a 2nd successful voyage with a double decker coach to Derby. A great day was had by all and our thanks to WhenIWasALittleBoy for co-ordinating.

Our CL Golf Society is now up and running, and about to host its 2nd day. Our thanks to Hillsy for organising the 1st so well, and TCE for getting the 2nd one booked.

The third Charlton Life Predictions League was its largest so far, with 109 users entering to some degree. Our congratulations to oohaahmortimer for winning the signed charlton shirt, and our commiserations to shirty5 for leading right to the death. Congratulations also to MrOneLung, LeftBehind and RedarmySE7 for all completing the perfect set. Congrats again to oohaah for winning the Rufus Challenge.

Our thanks go to Kigelia, Bingaddick, BDL, Chizz, Henry Irving, Bryan Matthew, Sco, Colin Camelot, and Killers Beard for helping pad out my ramblings in the blog. Our articles continue to grow in both replies and readership, and now generate up to 5,000 unique reads for articles.

As for the forum, Lookout did a great job upgrading the dedicated servers, anti-spam and support at the end of last year and (touch wood), performance levels, speed and stability have fortunately become the norm. Our thanks to every one of you sticking with us for what must have been a frustrating period. We continue to gain new users all the time, our traffic is up 48% on a year ago and the forum only has been generating at times this season over a million hits per month.

So another dismal season has come to an end. How everyone has managed to maintain this forum as a largely balanced and friendly sounding board / meeting place during what is argually the worst three years in our club's history is a testament to all our wonderful users. The current Parky thread is a fantastic example of how articulate and different debate can be carried out. So thank you all once again.

We know that during our clubs fall there are sad repurcussions as a result. We know that there are a number of CAFC staff that have had close contact with this site, whether it be participating, lurking, arranging group tickets, prizes, dealing with sponsorships, publicising events or sponsorships, clarifying information etc. who are going through an extremely uncertain period at the moment. We are all part of the Charlton family, and our thanks and thoughts are with you all.

Have a great summer 'guys'

AFKA and Lookout
(Danny and Adam)


  • Lovely post, Danny - huge thanks to you and Lookout and everyone else involved for your constant hard work and efforts to make it such fun.

    Without this forum, I fear I'd have pretty much abandoned Charlton by now, but this place has helped me get through these troubled times.

    Didn't realise you were running Charlton Anonymous, did you, but that's what it feels like at times! ;-)
  • As a daily reader, but in infrequent poster, I would personally like to say thanks to all above for helping me through this horrendous season. Unlike sites that were around before the birth of Charlton Life, I know that 99% of the time, I can come on here and read well thought out and reasoned posts. I have had the privilige of meeting Ben, who in turn has introduced me to other members.

    I'm 55 now and yet again face seeing my beloved Charlton playing in division three. It has been a season of despair for all of us, but at least when I was down after another defeat, I had somewhere to turn to. Let's all hope and pray we can bounce back at the first attempt, but knowing Charlton the ride won't be a smooth one.

    Once again, many thanks to you all. I have one last thing to say. . . . . . .!

    WHERE'S MY BADGE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cheers Dan and Lookie - this place is my most popular hit on the internet now as news breaks here before most other places.

    It's a pleasure to come on here for a combination of lively banter, fun and mirth but also to discuss in great depth the one thing we all have in common - Charlton Athletic.

    Next year promises to be an exciting one for many reasons and I hope to get around to meeting a few more of you once I sort out a new job and get my arse back up into London!

    Special mentions to OoohAhh - this place wouldn't be the same without your shiny perspective on all things Charlton.
    MCS - Olly I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said but I always enjoy your posts. Good luck in the quest for employment!
    Seth Plum - Hope you can take time out from your "Steve Waggott Fan Club" commitments and post a few more of your "unique" views on here

    Onwards and upwards gentlemen!!
  • Would like to echo the comments made by the others, a big thank you to Danny and Adam for the site.

    One thing to add is that Maria and I joined the Charlton Life getting engaged club last Christmas as we met on through this site so that's something positive in an otherwise horrendous season.
  • Cheers to yourself Danny, and Adam, for providing this site. You guys do the hard work, we just turn up!

    Long may the upward spiral continue
  • Only discovered Charlton Life recently, via 606 and have to congratulate you on this forum and everyone who contributes to make it such a lively and interactive site.

    Well done!
  • Yes but where are the badges?
  • Well done Afka and Look Out, heres to next season!!

  • edited May 2009
    Group Hug anyone?

    I tell ya wot though, this site and others will only get more popular next year, as there will be no telly/text service for div 3 teams, sky wont want to know (no change there) and any paper write ups will at best be about an inch square (if at all)

    So glad to hear your not going anywhere afka & lookout, your work on here is appreciated, well done and thanks!

    bloodnut, C.A.F.C.
  • Cheers lads, I don't think we realise the amount of time and effort you both put into this site but it's very much appreciated!

    Top lads (even if AFKA does get the hump when someone nicks his packed lunch!).
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  • [cite]Posted By: Plaaayer[/cite]even if AFKA does get the hump when someone nicks his packed lunch!).

    next years lifers away day:


  • Cheers everyone, its hard feeling part of the Charlton communtiy stuck in the Shropshire hills, or sometimes in the empty northern away stands ! Charlton life has never failed to amuse me in some way or other and kept me in touch with the racing optimistic pulse of Charlton Life ; )
  • Blimey ! I didn`t realise how good we were :0)
  • I think there should be some awards along the line of - funniest post - most pessimistic post (prob same as most truthul post ) - most optimistic post - The award names could be interesting too . The geoff boycott rant award. The Oggy rose tinted glasses award .
  • [cite]Posted By: Shrew[/cite]I think there should be some awards along the line of - funniest post - most pessimistic post (prob same as most truthul post ) - most optimistic post - The award names could be interesting too . The geoff boycott rant award. The Oggy rose tinted glasses award .

    The Henrys ?
  • did we sort out marcus bents award?

  • Great site, cheers to the 'behind the scenes' crew. Still fairly new and will hopefully meet some of you at some obscure grounds next season.
  • Thanks AFKA and Lookie - it's been emotional
  • Something about this site - It takes over your life - Always on my mobile checking to see what's happenning. Regardless of whether we all agree or not it's a great place to be.

    Thanks AFKA and Lookie - Now how can we help you guys????
  • Thanks guys you help keep me in the Charlton family.
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  • Good work fellas - this site has got me though many a rubbish day at work.
  • Good work fellas - this site has distracted me through many a busy day at work.
    It's just so bloody addictive .... (!)

  • Well done to AFKA and Lookout for creating a great website, in which has created a network of friends in which has become second to none.
    I look at the website before the main site, and has become a good source of information, banter, and as stated earlier has given me the oppertunity to make new friendships.

    The only positive to such a poor season has been having the crack on here and reading the pre and post match thoughts of all involved.

    Here is to next season and may the club and site continue to grow.

  • [cite]Posted By: WhenIwasLittleBoy[/cite]
    The only positive to such a poor season has been having the crack

    Blimey it must have been worse than I thought!
  • Big congratulations to AFKA and Lookout for this great website. Even though the last couple of seasons haven't been so good this website has kept up my passion for Charlton.

    Even though I don't often post any comments I visit the site every day and enjoy the banter that goes on (especially Seth Plum).

    Anyway heres to our upcoming promotion season!
  • Nice one guys straight back at ya........
  • Don't past too often these days, but have a look most days.

    This site helps me get through the days work.

    Cheers guys.
  • Great site lads, always take a look every day and post when I can. Keep up the good work and roll on next season....lets hope this time next year all the threads are dominated by 'where are we drinking for the open top bus parade'.

    Come on you reds.
  • Cheers to everyone making CL what it is.

    Made some great friends on here (geek) in the real world that I very much doubt I would have met if CL didnt exist. Quite possible that I may not even be going to The Valley anymore if it wasnt for the pre and post match booze up with CLers.
  • Cheers boys,

    I like a few others, dont post too often, but being 10,000 miles in Perth WA, I will be on here more than ever next season.
    (Sometimes I think the rest of the world doesn't realise there is a league outside of the premiership!).

    Am flying back for on August 8th, for 2 weeks, so will be at the first few game's of the season, wherever they are!

    Keep up the good work lads,

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