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Most of you know that i normally keep quiet any whispers i hear regarding the club, but i am so annoyed that i'm not holding this back. This is to be announced on Friday. To be honest, i'm in shock and i've emailed the club this morning stating that if it goes through, they will never see me again at The Valley. We have to unite against this. Charlton ATHLETIC is OUR CLUB, not anyone elses.

Many thanks to the person who gave me the information. You have done the right thing.


<b>Glasgow Rangers are to buy a controlling stake in Charlton Athletic</b>, in a move that will not only completely change the structure of Charlton in its current format, but also impact on the face of British football in general.

Following five months of talks and negotiations, the revolutionary deal will be announced at a joint press conference on Friday 3rd April at The Valley after the move was given the go-ahead by the various football authorities on Tuesday.

Glasgow Rangers are to pay £24.2m for a 64.5% stake in Charlton, and will transfer a number of senior and junior players, both in permanant deals and season-long loans during the summer. Discussions between the clubs date back to November, in the aftermath of Charlton’s perilous financial position highlighted by the need to pay previous manager Alan Pardew’s compensation package.

On the 24th February, a Charlton delegation consisting of Richard Murray, Derek Chappell, Bob Whitehand, Steve Waggott and Nigel Capelin met with Sir David Murray, Rangers Chief Executive Martin Bain and Finance Director Donald McIntyre at London’s Dorchester Hotel to finalise the agreement. Former Chief Executive Peter Varney was also present, and has been working as an intermediary on the deal.

“The original concept was the idea of Sir David Murray” revealed a senior Charlton employee. “Rangers are acutely aware that unless they absorb some of the Premiership money within the next few years, they are unlikely to ever compete at the highest level in Europe again. They see it as essential to their heritage that some form of presence remains in Scotland, and they believe they can continue to do that to a lesser degree long-term by balancing their squad and remaining competitive in the SPL. But they desperately need the money that is generated by English football, and it is no secret that we desperately need fresh financial impetus to remain a viable entity. The bulk of Rangers resources will be devoted to getting Charlton back to the Premiership as quickly as possible”.

The deal will instantly clear all Charlton’s outstanding debts, including the early repayment of both the £6m on Charlton’s mortgage and the £15m convertible bond issue key directors undertook in 2008. “I would be lying if i said that this is the ideal scenario we envisaged for the future of Charlton. But the financial situation is crippling, and the board fell that they are backed into a corner. There are no more funds, there is no overdraft facility and next year we are facing third-tier football. There are no other options on the table, and as it stands the future of Charlton Athletic shows no sign of recovery in its current format. At least this way there is a chance of Premiership football returning to The Valley and the ‘Charlton’ name to be attached to it, albeit loosely”.

Since the February meeting, representatives of both Rangers and Charlton have been in continued negotiations with the SPL, Football League and the Premiership. “Talks have been intense. The SPL were originally strongly opposed to the move, but are realistic enough to know that financially the big-two in Scotland cannot compete with other leading European clubs, so need to seek unique initiatives. They also now see this as an ideal opportunity for Scottish clubs to continue to benefit from the strong support and finance Rangers and Celtic provide by playing other SPL clubs, but equally by fielding potentially weaker sides it will make the SPL as a league more even and competitive. Rangers believe Celtic will quickly set up a similar arrangement with another English club. The Football League have been very supportive of the move, as it will provide a greater focus and benefit to its member clubs. However, the Premier League were rigid on the legalities, and this is largely what has taken the past month to resolve”.

“Charlton’s imminent relegation to League One was not ideal, but has meant the deal could be agreed at the level’s Rangers could realistically afford. Sir David Murray has made clear that Charlton’s location, availability, current structure and potential for development far outweigh long-term the negatives. They believe they can develop a model that will take Charlton Rangers to compete with Arsenal and Chelsea within seven years”.

Ironically, the name of the amalgamated club has also provided a delaying problem. “Rangers see it as essential that ‘Rangers’ is represented in the name. However, there is already an amateur football club registered with the London F.A as Charlton Rangers. Greenwich Rangers and Rangers Charlton were being considered, but its now been agreed that the club can register next season as Charlton Rangers through the Kent F.A”.

The move will see the near-total replacement of both the Charlton Football Club board, and the Charlton PLC board. Richard Murray however, will remain a non-executive director for a minimum 12-month period. “There are real concerns on how the Charlton fanbase will react. I have my own strong views, but i am also a fan. Having Richard Murray on board is seen by Rangers as essential to not just providing a smooth transition, but also winning the acceptance of Charlton supporters. I think they’ve underestimated just how this will be taken by the Charlton fans to be honest”.

Members of Charlton’s Fans Forum were uncontactable late last night, but Bromley Supporters Group representative Ben Hayes said “I’m shocked. I know the board are also Charlton fans, and would not undertake such a deal without having the best intentions of the club at heart, and i think on this one we are just going to have to trust them and wait and hear what they have to say. But i can understand not all Charlton fans will be happy with this and i encourage them to contact Fans Forum representatives with their views. It makes sense now why the club have delayed announcing season ticket prices for next season. Charlton Rangers is something i am going to have to think long and hard about though, particularly as i am a lifelong Celtic follower. I’m sure i won’t be the only one with this dilemna”.


  • I've heard this doing the city rounds this morning , first of all I thought it was Stafford Rangers ... Not surprised but its still Charlton really . I'm just glad its Rangers and not the other mob
  • The future is bright the future is orange!
  • Not sure the club is going to be too happy about this getting released early Smudge but under the cover of the g20 crap might be ok.

    Bit exciting, just hope it doesnt turn into another Zabeel!
  • [cite]Posted By: Shag[/cite]I've heard this doing the city rounds this morning , first of all I thought it was Stafford Rangers ... Not surprised but its still Charlton really . I'm just glad its Rangers and not the other mob

    glad ?

    But it won't be Charlton, will it ???????
  • is this for real?

    surely an April Fools?
  • I just can't get my head round it. I'm so not a fan of Rangers. But perhaps desperate times call for desperate measures. Is it any worse than taking money from Dubai?
  • [cite]Posted By: KBslittlesis[/cite]is this for real?

    surely an April Fools?

    I'm thinking the same! ;o)
  • please let it be

    i hate them!
  • KB, is any investment a good investment at the moment though?
  • This is as about as funny as horne and cordens sketch show ;-)
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  • Sounds like a windup but I know someone who worked for Rangers at the top level. Will try to check it out but they may have to keep quiet.
  • When will the new blue home kit be available in the club shop?
  • How long before this gets reported in the wider media and everyone on here who has got together to organise the wind up shouts "hooray, we made a tabloid look silly"?.
  • Are they still sponsored by Carling? I didnt think it could get worse than watered down Fosters!
  • edited April 2009
    . sorry.
  • any investment good investment?

    will you be saying that when we finally become Charlton Rangers?

    please dear god let this be a wind up!!!!!!
  • lol when whispers go wrong # 457827
  • Got to be a joke. Charlton Rangers? No thanks.
  • [cite]Posted By: KBslittlesis[/cite]any investment good investment?

    will you be saying that when we finally become Charlton Rangers?

    please dear god let this be a wind up!!!!!!

    Don't worry. We don't need the money. 25 redundancies will see to that.
  • f**king disgrace, bloody sell out............don't bother sending me my season ticket application, I'll get down Park View Road next year I think
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  • Will the Red Red Robin be replaced by The Sash???

    Can't be 'Simply the Best' obviously. . . .
  • I really hope this is a wind up!

    I though GR had no money either, cant imagine their fans would be too pleased if money was diverted from their transfer funds to help prop us up.

    Is it a ploy to get Rangers into the EPL? not sure how that would happen.

    This is not good for charlton or Rangers imho.
  • Calling bulls**t on this one.
  • Not a happy man, heard this last week form a mate in Donegal, hoping it wasn't true.
    Had a text from Kins, he's not happy, wanting talks with the club.
    Anybody want some Charlton Irish badges?
  • [cite]Posted By: All_Thaid_Up[/cite]
    Is it a ploy to get Rangers into the EPL? not sure how that would happen.

    Effectively, yes from what i've been told. Was compared to HSBC having its main legal entity in Hong Kong, but its main operations in the UK. Nothing will change with Rangers in Scotland, other than they will devote lesser resources to it. Different footballing authorities so ownership rules can be got around, and on paper it will be just a name change to Charlton Athletic. But that's not what this is really about is it, its replacing a club in all but name.
  • OK....

    All of a sudden the cynic in me has taken a backward step.

    Being advised by a fans forum member that a conference call for all forum members is being hastily arranged. He was furious as he knew nothing about it.

    Damage limitation?.
  • This is gotta be the lamest wind up since i have known about on april fools!! What a load of utter codswallop this must be!!
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    Think this would be great personally
  • Hunger strike anyone?
  • Really MCS?

    it does happen around the world - you'll find Chelsea and Arsenals in far off countries with links to lesser clubs - which we are at the moment.

    Sounds far fetched but not out of the question IMO.
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