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Mac or PC ?

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always used PC's until the other halfs dad gave us his macbook when he upgraded , felt like I couldn't get on with it and almost saw it as a blessing when we had it stolen but now after being back with PC since the summer I've bought a macbook again and can't wait for it to arrive.

What are others preferences?


  • Pc. Macs suck. Believe.
  • PC for me, never had a Mac. I'm sure they're great but for me it's the case of the devil you know.
  • i had a mac then the OB told me it should be worn over clothing and not just on its own and i shouldnt wear it to the park undone
  • I have both, and like both. I find the Mac a much easier user experience with fewer problems, but the PC is more versatile.
  • how do you get away with no problems with a mac do you wear underwear with it is that where i went wrong?
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    Bought an Asus Eee PC with Xandros Linux on it as a simple netbook for £185.00 you can't go wrong and if you can't use Linux after years in Windows environment then there is something wrong with you. Agree a PC is more flexible though.
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]how do you get away with no problems with a mac do you wear underwear with it is that where i went wrong?
    Just wear a t-shirt and long socks so it looks like you're dressed underneath - works for me anyway.
  • Mac. Switched about 18 months ago, and find it so much easier to use.
  • good man i will try that i have some nice sock holders to wear and a new pair of stilettos
  • there are a hell of a lot of Mac users out there i thought i was alone this should go members only
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  • Mac's steal PC's lunch money
  • Nla sounds like you had a mac and a PC that night :-) for that awful pun I should be arrested.
    Anyway mac for me. More expensive true but some great software and a cool bit of gear and design. The iPhone ain't bad either ;-)
    In the end whatever does the job you need it to do but next upgrade computer I go to will deffo be an apple.
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    surely a Mac is just a branded Personal Computer .... is the question really about whether you prefer to run Apple brand s/w or Microsoft brand s/w ?
  • they didnt nick me just told me a better place to go and advised that i could get cold with nowt on but me mac ;-)
  • I am a mac dude, PC don even really know how they work!! Only know Macs tho cos i am in the print, and Mac is common place for the Apps ie Phtotshop and illustrator, even tho now a days PCs run these sort of things, it doesn't really come off!!

    I have a fantastic new Mac Mini here indoors now, and i have to say it is the tits. Never crashes, dont have to bother/worry about fire wall, rock on!!
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    You look like a Mac dude Ollie wanna go out one night mine is beige mot an apple in sight dunno where inspector go his apple pattern one what about yours?

    a mini mac eh olls that sounds very cheeky
  • I think the big thing for me is the fact that every pc I've ever had would crash or freeze up a fair bit . Never had the slightest problem with the mac and the fact that you can now operate windows on mac should you choose makes it even more attractive.

    Have already got an ipod touch and am probably going to get an iphone next time they update them
  • I love em, easy to flash in it!! My mini leaves more to the imagination!
  • good man olls mac day to derby
  • Maybe, that would be scary, but maybe lol
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  • you know you wanna
  • now that would be funny

    Mac fancy dress
  • Bought a Macbook back in June and love it. Takes a bit to get used to the OS but I much more prefer it to XP or Vista. My Macbook has never crashed, never blue screened (or whatever Mac's do)...

    And I've worked with Windows for the last 10 years.... if I could have a Mac at work, I would.
  • Mac if you use a lot media like photo's n film. if not ,its not worth all the hassle of changing pc habits.
  • Mac. Run a Mac reseller, sales, service and support. Was at MacWorld last month. I'm a geek like that ;-)
  • Mac in a big way. Perhaps pc is more versatile, but there is so much that one can do with a mac that I can't even begin to get my head around. Always struck me that mac was excellent at just about anything that I'd want to do at home and a whole lot more. Also often read this site on the iPod touch (like right now) and it really is fantastic...too cheap to buy an iPhone!
  • PC, although I've got an Eee for doing stuff when I'm away from home, which has been brilliant so far. I'm thinking of putting Ubuntu on it rather than Xandros though, in preparation for making my PC dual boot at a later stage.
  • Wow. Goes to show you shouldn't listen to me as I haven't the slightest what Ali is talking about!! ;-)
  • I haven't had a PC crash on me in about five years (other than at work, where the muppet show are let loose on my machines, and thus able to fuck up my network)
  • So how many degrees and years of IT service do I need to achieve the same Leroy? :-)
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