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NEW VIDEO FILE: 98 Playoff Final Video

Here's the playoff final highlights from the Centenary DVD. I've just put it up for a bit of a test. If you haven't bought the DVD yet, then please do, because it's worth every penny...


  • Great stuff...can you put this as a stickie?
  • Don't worry, I'm sure it will stay at the top on it's own!!! If not, yeah, I'll keep bumping it or make it a sticky.

    Should be mandatory viewing before every match.
  • Rubbish commentator...One of the best games at Wembley? By far the best mate. The first & third super clive goals were sheer sheer quality.
  • the third has eveything, the challenge the cross, the craft of turning a controlling the ball, and the finish. Sheer perfection.

    One of my best football moments ever that goal.
  • just like to say that the fact you can put that up in fantastic.

    great work guys
  • Still brings a tear to my eye. What a fantastic challenge from Brown to help set up super Clives final goal.................

    First game my boy's ever went to, 13 and 12 now they will be Addicks for ever!!!!!

  • [cite]Posted By: AppyAddick[/cite]First game my boy's ever went to, 13 and 12 now they will be Addicks for ever!!!!!

    I'd say! What an introduction. Everything else will likely be a letdown. Did you tell them, it's mostly downhill from here?
  • They loved it, took them to the Cov cup game in 2000. As you know we were 2 down pretty quickly, told them it was fine and we would win it. Looked like a real star then****** when we scored 3 to beat them.
  • LOVE IT!

    KEEP IT AT THE TOP OF THE BOARD........................
  • Appy,

    You can bookmark this!
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  • Just bought a tear to my eye again.
  • for me it gets to 2.05 and goes back to the beginning :-(
  • Just watched it again...nine years ago but it seems like yesterday.
  • Clive Clive Super Clive
    Clive Clive Super Clive
    Clive Clive Super Clive
    Super Clive Mendonca
  • The Roof was on fire that day!!! I could watch over and over again!!!
  • Cried my eyes out when the second goal went in, i blame it on only being 9 years old when it happened!!
  • I love that quote... "The notion of defeat seems quite beyond Charltons sensibilities"

    Great to watch.
  • The hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I see this.

    IMO, best game, best hat-trick.

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