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Computer luddite needs help

Trying to back up all my Holiday photos on Adobe photoshop starter edition 3.2 to a memory stick.

Don't seem to be able to?????

Help please..........



  • If memory serves there isn't a menu selection to cover this.

    How about click edit and select all - then right click on one of the selection and then copy - and then paste to memory stick.

    I think that should work!
  • Thanks Sporaddick- that's the problem- the select all is disabled..

    Any other ideas?
  • Presumably these have been saved to your hard disk already. Go to the location of the files via "My Computer" and click on the "Edit" menu and then "Select All". Either right click on the selected group and chose "Send to (whatever your disk is called) or chose copy and then open the drive and paste them.

    If you don't know the location of your files, try opening one in Photoshop and then selecting "Save As" from the File menu - it should open the original location.
  • How about - if you have catalogue on page - left click on top left pic and then hold down shift and then left click bottom right pic and see if that highlights them all. If so copy and paste as before.
  • I like it - holiday pics get classified as "Away Travel"! :o)
  • Glad someone picked up my little attempt at humour.. :-)
  • Recycling: :-)

    Computer is fine (I Hope), but "HP Deskjet F4280" not scanning. Copying & Printing okay, just no scan.
    Advice/Help anyone ?
  • MOG, check the settings on the scanning software to see where the scans should be being saved to, and whether that directory actually exists on your PC, and that you have permissions to write to it.
  • Right...Scanner working okay now (Thanks aliwibble & BDL) but can't "Attach a file" at the moment onto CharltonLife: It says it is "Uploading".......
  • Just Me then........
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  • Recycling again :-)

    Got an "All in One" HP Printer/Scanner: Printing fine, but scanner not working. Have put new ink cartridges in (Epsom 300) and "Aligned" the machine, but still a no/no from the scanner: Any Ideas ?
  • Turn it on?
  • A bit more detail needed - the print cartridges have nothing to do with the scanner so I'm not sure why you thought replacing them would help?
  • Thank You BD Bloody L !!

    Mr Lout: was working fine til I put new ink in: Had it for acouple of years and I always had to "Align" after putting new Epsom cartridges in. This time the scanner just won't scan. Spoke to aguy "who knows a guy who works with computers" and He suggested the "scanner motor" (think He was taking the p*ss......).
  • Have you checked if the discombobulator is working?
  • Have you tried switching it off and on again?
  • I don't think he was taking the p*ss - there is a motor which moves the scanner head from side to side to do the scan. It could be that.

    I'm assuming it works as a printer ok?
  • Yep....Is it easy/worth replacing or would it be cheaper to buy a new scanner ?
    (appreciate your help Mr Lout).
  • Probably cheaper to buy new to be honest. It could be something really simple like a loose connector, but if you don't know what you are looking for or where to look you're a bit stuffed.
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  • Press Ctrl Alt & Delete..... fixes everything
  • On the scanner or computer ?

    (And was does F5 do ?)
  • F5 - Reloads page

    If select all or copy arn't working on the mouse try the following.
    Ctrl + A - Selects all
    Ctrl + C - Copies selected
    Go to memory stick
    Ctrl + V - Pastes to selected file.

    Have you tried scanning from the HP software on your PC? You could try a reinstall from the CD or the software can be downloaded from;
    or try the troubleshooting tab in the middle.

  • Me again (Sorry).
    Switched computer on and everything is larger than before: used to have 9 "icons" ( I think they're called) on the left hand side, now in 2 rows of 5 & 4.
    In the easiest possible terms please, Help ?
    Thank You.
  • right click on your mouse and select 'graphics Properties'. A menu should appear if you use Windows. Select 'display settings'. Tinker with 'screen resolution'.
  • No luck: pushed the right hand button on my laptop, a small list comes up, but no "Graphic Properties", only "Undo, cut, copy, paste, etc....". Thanks anyway.
  • Right hand click on desk top
  • Please don't laugh, but.....what is "desktop" ?
    What is that under in the menu ?
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