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Travel advice needed..

Any suggestions as to the best way on public transport to get to Bromley (Bickley/Bromley Common side) from the Valley after the match tomorrow??????


  • Depends where exactly you're going - I'd get the train and change at Lewisham for another one heading out that way. Change at Grove Park for Bromley North to get you a bus ride away from Bickley.
  • 2 ways To Do This Journey, 161 Which Goes From The Dome To Chislehurst Then A 269 Or 162, Or A bus From Charlton To Lewisham Then Bus To Bromley From Lewisham Garage.
  • Not Sure If Bromley North Is Open At The Weekends, Check 1st.
  • Thanks fr the advice guys-

    Sado that i am- tempted to do the 161 route as that really takes me back- (used to take that to school- and to Woolwich common for the Valley- in the mid 70's)
  • Usually myself found the train into London then out again was just as quick and less frustrating than messing around with the 261. The lights at Grove Park sometimes added a good 20 minutes onto our journey.
  • Train to London Bridge and then to Bromley North via Grove Park and then a bus from Bromley North Station - I'm not sure what number but several run in that direction.
  • For gods sake DO NOT do the 161 route it takes forever. I did it earlier this month - a shocker of a journey
  • Well What A Fiasco To Get To Bromley, It's A Joke, I Can Get There In 20 Minutes With The Car, How About Greenwich,Deptford,Lewisham, Catford,Bellingham,Downham And Bromley, Simple! Not Possible TFL(Taking F---ING LiBERTYS)Can't Even Get A Bus From Greenwich To Blackheath, It's Up The Road Hope You Don't Get Stressed Dood!
  • 180 from Charlton to Lewisham then either a 261 or a 208 to Bromley/Bromley Common.
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