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I love booing!



  • [cite]Posted By: jimmymelrose[/cite] this season I just think that they are overwhelmed by it all. It isn't necessarly like Oakster says either; that they go home and sulk about the booing, rather that it makes them nervous. Expecting players to play better when they are booed is unrealistic: it takes a certain personality type to feel angry within himself at 20,000+ people. Most people just aren't capable of that IMO.

    But imagine what the players who play for the top clubs like Arsenal/man u have to go through.If they go 2 games without winning the pressure's really on.Not just from the fans, but from the papers,radio phone ins and the like.
    It's part and parcel of the game and if players cannot rise above it,then they shouldn't be playing the game at a professional level.
  • Oh, OK then, let's all boo them then if you really think it helps. Seems to be working at the moment, doesn't it?
  • True Jim.
    Perhaps,instead of booing,there should be a communial "Ahhhhh.Bless him"
  • Yeah, OK - but only if a player sneezes. Don't want to overdo it.
  • Does this mean that it's ok to Boo now.......can't wait ;o)
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