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CAFC to suprise all and take good away support

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How many are going to Portman? From what I can gather it seems like we've all but sold out our allocation, so aside from how miserable a lot of us are feeling, especially as 99% of us didn't travel to turd moor. Saturday should be another good away day.


  • seem should be a good turn out

    Cant wait

    Bouncy Bouncy
  • aye plus two... have we sold all the Kid enclosure tickets and the ludicrious £30+ ones? I hope that there aren't many youngsters in the Upper saturday as in doing so they would be depriving fans out of a ticket in ipswich's ridiculous ticketing scheme!

  • yes plus five
  • Yes plus 7. Hopefully everyone's standing!
  • I know of a lot of chaps going up there should be a good day out
  • yes + 48

  • AFKA what time's the coach due to arrive at Ipswich?
  • Is it a fancy dress coach?
  • [cite]Posted By: Riscardo[/cite]Is it a fancy dress coach?

  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Riscardo[/cite]Is it a fancy dress coach?[/quote]

    Yeah it's gonna be dressed as a boat
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  • I'm going.

    Looking forward to it.
  • Cant wait, really looking forward to it, should be in Ipswich by 9:30am on Saturday! Got two close mates who are big Ipswich supporters and are always winding me up about our 'conference standard support' so I hope us the fans put in a performance even if the team dont. How many we taking? 2200?
  • Yes, plus 3
  • ISawLeaburnScore --SORRY MATE my 13year old is with me in the upper on saturday,so tuff titties to those who didnot book early enough , he will be singing his heart out like the rest of us
  • edited March 2008
    lets make loads of noise sod the players.

    C A F C

    C A F C

  • now now mr tong,no cafc cafc,we can think of better ones!
  • easy kmem4, wasn't having a pop at your lad, more the stupid system ipswich are running
  • and anyway if i was 13 i would prefer to be sitting in upper tier.
  • Yes +3, tight 1 nil away win, Lita goal!
  • all good friends then , no harm done
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  • would love to go but unless I get a winner at the gold cup then I'm too skint to afford it
  • really looking forward to this
  • This should be another good one, lets get a result and make the short journey back to the smoke a memorable one, so I can get myself up the Ivory Lounge and embarrass myself no end lol
  • Ive got a feeling im near the front, if im made to sit down im not gonna be happy!
  • I got a feeling I am in that family bit and will p1ss off everyone!!!
  • Yes + 1, Siddarn!
  • we made sure we were at the back

    I hope the young un got it right, he is not that bright
  • waste of time and money. whatever the result is we will still be 5th at the end of the game ; -)
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]waste of time and money. whatever the result is we will still be 5th at the end of the game ; -)

    We're still 5th??? :-)
  • Is he, yeah Mart was saying last night. He has just talked me into meeting some girls from his work lol no doubt he will regret it lol

    I shall do, see you then
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