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Plymouth Away

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how many people are up for this one?

being in chichester me and a couple mates are goin to drive to this one.

never been plymouth, will be a tough game.

lets get a fair few down there!!


  • Yeah would like to do it.

    £46 return on the train doesnt seem too bad to be honest.
  • come back from abroad late on the thursday... leaving plenty of time for an overnight friday - will have to be done i think!
  • Yep,going up first thing Saturday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon
  • Whats the dates?
  • 5th April
  • I'm meant to be DJ'ing an engagement party in shittingbourne that night. If I can get it covered I'm in
  • [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]I'm blowing this one out.
  • So you're going then Medders?
  • More than likely mate. Been down there for a pre-season midweek friendly too... doubt many of the Blackpool glory boys can say that!!

  • LOL Medders

    I was there for that pre season friendly - it was a good laugh.

    Surreal day int hat the Burybaghead was there yer he was too pooped to make Blackpool t'other week

    If he bunks out of Burnley which is 10 miles door to door for him, then he is gonna get a filling in/shoeing.

    As for me going to Plymouth this time.

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  • [cite]Posted By: pork_pie[/cite]As for me going to Plymouth this time.


    Oh come on mate, it was only a short trip down... will meet you at the services again!
  • An 800 mile round trip is not for me.
  • [cite]Posted By: pork_pie[/cite]An 800 mile round trip is not for me.
  • What is enticing about Plymouth even though I been once for that friendly?

    I might consider it.
  • Carrot Crunchers?
    Pin Badge Peddlers?
  • Erm, the pirates
  • Sack that!

    See you at Turd Moor.
  • been twice that's enough for me. Better do a few jobs at home before Qpr and BArnsley away
  • Don't forget, we've already had a recent thread 'Plymouth Ground' about how to get there, where to stay & where to get pissed:
  • been there a couple of times ... is union street still action packed with bars and clubs ??
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  • love plymouth - was meant to be going for weekend with my lot but got a knowledge exam on monday 7th so can't bloody go.
  • Count me in, what time trains are people booking?
  • been a few times before,not this time.
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]
    £46 return on the train doesnt seem too bad to be honest.

    Is that booking independently or through Sid Cheesewright?
    edited March 2008
    independantly from thetrainline. Syd is saying about £38:

  • WSS - I just looked on there and it also gives the option of the 17.54 back.
    Booking a single on the 9.05 there and 17.54 back was £41.

    Trainspotters? Who us?!
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]been there a couple of times ... is union street still action packed with bars and clubs ??

    Union Street is still the place to go clubbing and drinking late.

    There's other places for early night drinking, like the Barbican (old fishing quarter), Union Rooms (Weatherspoons) if you like your booze cheap.
  • come on then, whos going?

    me + 3 others are there, staying at a friends fri nite, out to oceana's sat night after a CAFC win!

  • We now cannot go as we are looking after Ian's daughter.

    if anyone wants any train tickets going friday coming back monday - useless to most people i know but part of the ticket may be useful... make an offer.
  • Me and 3 others

    I'm driving down Saturday early hours, Saturday night Oceana is also in our plans and then the homely Travelodge!
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