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Save Us

Following last night's debacle, please consider booking your holidays in Albufeira, and helping us stay in business.

Floyd's Bar is the only Charlton bar in Europe, it will not be there after next year unless we can replace the thousands England's exit will cost us in takings. Forget the place you always go for one year please - one hot sunny beach is much the same as another - and come to see us instead.


  • they reckoned that businesses in the UK will lose millions. Before the WC last year John Lewis made a mint out of wide screen TV's. They reckoned that next year the only businesses that will benefit from us not qualifying will be Travel Agents as millions will go abroad to get away from the tournament and what might have been. A fair few will head for the Algarve so you may be ok. Would love to come and see you but using all my holiday in one hit for Oz in Feb, sorry.
  • would love 2 m8 but the algarve is one of europes most expensive destinations,its usually Turkey for me and the kids.
  • You could well have the dubious pleasure of me next year mate
  • I'm hoping to get out there as well for a weekend Algarve and will definately seek you out.

    As an aside, if i brought a football team out there, how easy / hard would it be to arrange a game against a local side of similar ability (pub standard) ?

    Pitch / facilities nearby ?
  • Know what you are saying northstandsteve, although off peak season and doing it yourself can be quite a bargain, but when you have kids of course, they have you over a barrel!

    AFKA, no problem oraginising a match for you, got a Dutch mate who oranises training camps for Dutch teams in the winter break, so he would have all the contacts for facilities, and a bunch of ex-pat mates have a team you could play, or I could easily find a sunday side somewhere for you.
  • Algarve, i'm interested in the extent it would have.

    I can understand at home pubs do noticeably better, as they get people going out to watch the game rather than staying indoors, but surely in a holiday resort the vast bulk of the people go out most nights to have a drink anyway ?
  • We are a bit away from the main tourist area, and so people have to specifically seek us out, something they do when there is something going on, like our quiz nights, or big football matches. Other times they go out to eat, usually in the tourist trap areas, like the Old Town or The Strip, and by the time they have finished they either stick around there, or go back to their hotel for a drink. if they do come up to the bar after it's not until 10 or 11 o'clock. If a match kicks off at 8, we have them for an extra 2-3 hours, and that makes all the difference. They also meet other people and get chatting, and that tends to get them back in on non-matchdays too.

    Also, people drink more when there is a match on, and football fans in general drink more than the average punter. In summer we often get the couples in where she nurses a tonic water all night, and he gets a dirty look from her when he gets up for a third pint!

    It really is a massive blow for us AFKA
  • Algarve, can you pop up some pics of the pub for everyone?
  • edited November 2007
    Look on isnt all that, but there's some pictures up there to look at.
  • Anywhere near the 'Laguna' Golf course?
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  • Maybe the club can do a pre season trip over that way
  • how about a 'Charlton Life Weekender' ?
  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]how about a 'Charlton Life Weekender' ?
    That would be awesome!
  • i can see it now, we all get out there and immediately head for the internet cafes :-)
  • That is the best idea to come from here in a very long time.

    Lol at AFKA too, I can imagine the board being buzzing and one who did not go asking what the funk is going on aren't you all meant to be on a session?! And several embaraased looking faces popping up over screens and grudgingly shuffling back to Alragves pub to have real conversation!!
  • Feck me, Robbo actually turned up to a gig
  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]how about a 'Charlton Life Weekender' ?

    that's kind of what i had in mind when i asked about sorting out a football match. Lets have a bit of a think about it in the new year.
  • [cite]Posted By: Charltonparklane[/cite]Anywhere near the 'Laguna' Golf course?

    About a twenty quid taxi ride away, or 20 minutes in my car if I pick you up...
  • Perry, we've already booked our holiday to Lanzarotte.

  • [cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]Perry, we've already booked our holiday to Lanzarotte.


    Lanzarote??? You gypsy Lockwood!!!!

    Get the Fred Olsen to Fuerteventura mate and redeem yourself!!
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  • Is it mainly Brits holidaying in the Algarve - could you market yourself as a Swedish bar, a Croatian bar or something for the duration of the tournament?
  • Good idea Oakster,

    I recommend adopting another country for the duration of the tournament - become the Croation HQ for the tournament!
  • Sorry to hear that Perry, it's easy to forget how much impact these things have on a small business.

    The weekender sounds fun but I don't think I could stay up with all the boozers on here for very long. I was amazed that some people drink three pints!!

    Maybe if there are some commonwealth war graves nearby Addickted and I could tempt the Sevenoaks addicks over.

    Off to Alantic coast of France in August but hopes it works out for you.
  • edited November 2007

    Unfortunately Perry may well have to break out the lederhosen & schnitzels if the above figures are true.
  • Interesting stats those Oakster.

    Those sad French and Italians are too busy suffering good food and making lurve to enjoy the delights of a good pint litre !!
  • [cite]Posted By: Oakster[/cite]

    Unfortunately Perry may well have to break out the lederhosen & schnitzels if the above figures are true.

    We are a Dutch bar for Euro 2008. Several reasons.

    1) First major tournament I remember was WC 1974, and the Dutch were brilliant then, and I supported them after Scotland went out - ditto in 1978.

    2) I have always liked them as a nation, and unlike most of the rest of Europe, they quite like us.

    3) After the Brits the Dutch bring the biggest number of tourists here.

    4) The two hotels on our doorstep have gone from having Brits to Dutch as their main guests in the past couple of years.

    5) Eric, our barman is Dutch.

    As for the drinking survey, that's just about beer, believe me taking all alcoholic drinks into account, the Brits and Irish outdrink everyone else by a country mile!
  • [cite]Posted By: Algarveaddick[/cite]As for the drinking survey, that's just about beer, believe me taking all alcoholic drinks into account, the Brits and Irish outdrink everyone else by a country mile!

    It is so sad that I feel a sense of pride over that statement. I don't think we will ever cure our binge drinking problem!

    Hope that your livelihood is saved and gets stronger mate.
  • I like the Dutch a lot (and they don't seem to mind the English despite some of the pricks who go over to Amsterdam all the time), but I stopped having any respect for the once great Dutch team after the last world cup. They were pathetic. They didn't seem interested in playing football, only diving and feigning injury like a gang of ponces - so I hope they get knocked out early for the good of football.
  • Is that a Palace shirt I noticed on the wall of the bar?

    Also, good to see Tavern out there with Robbo
  • Which one r u Algarve?
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