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Ring Of Fire

Have i misssd something why does this get sung at most grounds now?

I know im pissed most games but were did it come from who started it why does everyone (Except us no shock there sing it)


  • Don't get me started on this
  • please enlighten me
  • we do sing it and it's shit!
  • It's a f**king Liverpool song, it should stay in Self Pity City and all that goes with it being a Liverpool song, and never be sung by Charlton supporters
  • i like it! its not a liverpool song is a johnny cash song.
    we sung/sing amarillo watever the f**k and thats 'a bolton song',
    we sing he plays on the lef/ right and thats a man u song,
    in fact im pretty sure that 99.9% of our songs that we sing did not originate at our ground
    its not like were singing youll never walk alone.

    ill sing anything as long as it isnt racist of course. as long as our players can hear us and we are all having a good time......crack on!
  • How comes it become so popular so quick?
    When have we sung it away games?
  • It was sung at Stoke a few times

    On the same subject of 'copying' others teams tunes, I wonder if we'll get a rendition of our version of FC United's tune to the Sex Pistol's 'Anarchy in the UK', I don't think this is too bad:
  • D, D-D-D-D, Darren Bent - Best 2 and Half we ever spent!
  • VFR is a Forest song
  • We've got Luke Varney


    That orignated at The Valley
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  • My problem about is all about Liverpool, don't mind ripping decent songs off other clubs, but Ring of Fire is very much a Chicken mourners songs, and very much about them in Istanbul and Athens surging at turnstyles and going without tickets.
  • it was way before that Rothers i believe.

    i thought it was that the Liverpool team of the 70's used to play it on the way to away games - the fans got wind of it and hey presto.

    as you say probably came to the forefront at the places mentioned
  • Whenever i hear it sung at England,it never sounds right. Agreed with Rothko that it should be left to the scousers.
  • Ok got it Its a Scouse song from the 70's

    Why is eveyone jumping on it now whats taken so long
  • i thought this was going to be about curry.
  • ha ha yeah could be about teh curry i had saturday blimey that was rough
  • everyones jumping on it because the clubs are pricing out the real fans. and with them the real songs.. therefore at england games, arsenal games etc.. they johnny come latelys just sing what they hear on tv instead of singing their own songs. or making new ones up
  • Yeah True

    MK Dons fans were all over this song the other week at Brentford
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