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Would You - Nancy Pelosi


She is 70 years old, probably the most powerful woman on the planet today, hated by Republicans and religious zealots throughout the states, and, best of all, sends the pundits on the Fox News channel apoplectic with rage. I am finding her very appealing at the moment.


  • Is the bloke behind her having trouble controlling himself?
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    powerful woman adds appeal, 70 is a worry as sexual attraction to corpses is still illegal as far as i know. having said that i reckon she is definately a high heels dominatrix in bed.
    the answer would be a yes if i was 30 years older but currently a no unless i met her on a stag weekend abroad and she promised to make me beg for mercy while her daughters watched
  • no thanks, but what is ronnie wood doing behind her?
  • [cite]Posted By: ads[/cite]no thanks, but what is ronnie wood doing behind her?


    she's 70??!!...bloody hell. I would, novelty factor.
  • [cite]Posted By: ads[/cite]no thanks, but what is ronnie wood doing behind her?

    oh nice trim hairdo too
  • is that freddy kruegars glove under her right hand
  • 70! I bet she's been round the block a few times. Yes please. I bet she's been to every league ground in England.
  • What's Peter Beardsley doing next to the old guy that can't control himself?
  • Cant beat the old gilf loving
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: tom- k[/cite]What's Peter Beardsley doing next to the old guy that can't control himself?[/quote]

    Looks to me like dracula off seseme street!
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  • No, but I'd probably give that Palin one a go.
  • Has she just squashed a tarantula with her right hand!
  • there is dubios movie out called Who's Nailing Palin!!! I have not seen but you can thanks Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding for my knowledge of that!
  • Is there a therapist in the house?
  • Red_in_SE8 you are a pervert. But I already knew that. And yes by the way.
  • Important questionm, does she have false teeth, if the answer is yes then its a definite yes to the GILF loving!!!
  • She's had more work done on her than the Forth Bridge. More plastic than flesh on that mooey. It's a 'no' from me I'm afraid.
  • Oh Leroy if she has had work done she will be 'firm'
  • Is there such thing as a GGILF?

    Mind you in that company, half the cast from On The Buses would look like stunners.
  • Not come across a GGILF (no pun intended) depends, on the age!
    Agreed re On The Buses, Oliver never looked so good!
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  • No chance, no way. No tickets for Nancy on the IA lovetrain
  • Max 'the power of christ' von dow far left likes her and so does dot cotton behind her, as for our very own henners looks like his just messed is y fronts...

    Its a yes from me.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: IA[/cite]No chance, no way. No tickets for Nancy on the IA lovetrain[/quote]

    thats alright, looks like she got a return on the peter beardsley express
  • The word over here is that with all of the work she's had done, that's about as much of a smile as she's physically capable of. Shocker that she's as old as she is, but seems to be generally accepted that there has been an enormous amount of maintenance done.
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    In all seriousness, I assume that most of you know, but it looks like what is under her hand is a pile of pens. They use many pens to sign bills, so that they can be given out to various "friends" with the advice that that pen was used to sign legislation. Particularly valued with historic legislation such as the health care overhaul.

    You can watch Obama do this right now...
  • i really thought that was kruegars glove or at the very least a squashed tarantula
  • Isn't that Hedley Lamarr from Blazing Saddles?
  • OK, I figured you all knew that, but I thought perhaps the first question was legitimate, and that I'd answer.

    As you were... ;-)
  • Defo Dot Cotton on her right shoulder!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: choice[/cite]is that freddy kruegars glove under her right hand[/quote]

    I guessing its not the only thing in the picture that looks like freddy kruegars glove......

    Its a yes btw - atleast with something to help prevent friction burns.
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