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Xmas Threads 2018 - Earliest wake up call

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Those with kids, what time they have you up this morning?


  • Congratulations Stu
  • One of my boys gets up at 5.56 everyday so today was no different. Which was handy as a neighbours alarm went off at 6am
  • 2019 that's really early!
  • 4.15am 6 year old came in to our bed !
    They were all on lockdown till 6am 3 of the 4 were chomping at the bit we had to wait another 15 mins till 12 year old arose from his slumber
  • 1.30am! Convinced them to go back to bed. 5am start on presents. Delirious.
  • 7am - by the cat.
  • Well I have spent the last 24 hours in bed ill, and had 1 of the worst nights sleep I can remember.

    Literally woke up every 20 minutes, 1 minute I was to hot, then to cold
  • I had to get up at 3 to put the presents in her stocking. We disturbed her when we went to bed and she noticed that the carrot and mince pie had gone but there was nothing in her stocking. She’d been awake a few times to check but I managed to quietly put the stuff in and get out. Unfortunately, I leant on the door handle on the way out and pulled it off making enough noise to wake her up. Luckily I’d left all the lights off and had time to make it back to my bedroom.
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  • When my two were younger we told them they couldn't get up until 6 then after they went to sleep put their clocks back 1 hour to give us more time in bed

    Sneaky :smile:
  • 8:30... thankfully my little one is only 10 months so doesnt have a scooby about whats going on, expect that to change though!!
  • 7:30. Starts to get a little more respectable the older they get.
  • 3a.m. for some food.
  • 4::45 am - next door's kids shrieking the other side of the wall from my bed-head, bless them (although that's not quite what I thought at the time!)
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    Fantastic timing from my little girl. She didn't even ask for us to come get her until 7:15ish bless her. She was just laying there chatting to her baby doll teddy thing.
  • Not too bad around 7.30, getting them to sleep last night on the other hand..
  • Grow clock in youngest daughters room set for 6.30....flying out bang on the dot and woke the whole house up. 3 is a quality age for all things Christmas, never seen 1 person so excited
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  • 8 year old woke up at 710 and came in our room until 5 year old up at 750
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