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After last night's appalling performance, it is hard to get too excited about selecting a Player of the Year for this incredibly forgettable season. However, there
are always individuals who stand out from the others, even in the worst matches and now is the time for all Charlton supporters to scratch their heads and think back over the past nine months and cast your vote for that player who has contributed most to the cause.

This season we have decided to conduct the vote on line and below you will find the link to enable you to vote. Please help us get the maximum number of votes and therefore the most deserving winner. The Club made it impossible for the Dinner to be held this season but subject to confirmation it is hoped that the presentation will be held before the final game of the season. Voting will close on 20th April.


  • That was easy, as there's only one contender imo.
  • I've only seen a handful of games, but from those and from what I've read here I think it can only be Ricky Holmes can't it?
  • sammy391 said:

    No one truely deserves it IMO , so voted Jackson as he is the nearest thing we have to propper charlton atm

    This. More as a thanks for all he has done for us. I'm certain he is holding the club together right now and had been for the last 3 years. Without this man we would be in such a worse position.
  • I know he's left but I think Lookman deserves it. Not only did he play well and isn't associated with the clusterf**k that happened after Robinson arrived, but his behavior almost certainly enabled us to maximise the fee we received. I know the money only went to RD but the young lad still showed a level of professionalism that few of our players have demonstrated this season.
  • Dillion Phillips deserves it because he's had to endure sitting on the bench for the majority of the season while a overrated Norwich loanee plays in his place.

    So true.
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  • Voted for Johnnie Jackson before reading comments. My reason however, is the same as that of sammy391 and canters (and I imagine others).
  • gotta be Jacko
  • I get the JJ protest vote and I was tempted but I voted for Ricky in the end as from the few games I've been to he has been a genuine bright spark amongst the chuff.
  • I'm voting Lookman. He wasn't sold in January, couldn't have been, as Katrien said he wasn't going to be.
  • Wish I could get excited about this. When you look at the list of real legends who have won POTY in the past, some more than once, this lot are not fit to lace their boots.
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  • Holmes, and second is not even close.
  • Tempted to give it to Ajose as he will be our top scorer this season.

    Tempted to give it to JJ, but he has not been our best player this year.

    But both those would be me having a swipe at something.

    I think that our best player with most goals, assists and effort is undoubtedly Homes so my vote goes to him.

    Konsa for YPOY. Wish he was fit.
  • Holmes by a country...totally understand any vote for the skipper
  • edited April 2017
    Ricky Holmes, Magennis (before he got injured and Lookman. Has to be Lookman for me too! Scoring agianst Man City on his debut clinched it for me!
  • It's Nabby Sarr ain't it, surely?
  • Voted for Holmes. He actually tries every game so had to give it to him.

    Not much to choose from though
  • I would have been tempted to do a joke vote if the club had managed to steal the whole process, but this our vote and our trophy. If the club do a rival vote then we can do all our protest votes then.
  • It can only be Holmes then really!
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