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Adding to another thread here about top 5 TV shows when you were a kid. This is so good it deserves it's own.......


  • What about Its predecessor - The Adventure Game
  • I thought this was another England World Cup thread.
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    Knitemare was the greatest thing ever. And now there's this:
  • I've been waiting for my chance to post this. I give you, 'Sidestep to the left'.

  • I used to effin love Knightmare!

  • I thought this was another England World Cup thread.

    Actually Bedsaddick you can draw a lot of comparisons between the show and England. The show was basically a team of 3 kids trying to guide 1 kid (in a helmet so they couldn't see) through a 3D maze of traps and enemies and get them out of the dungeon or 'knightmare'

    If we ignore the fact that the 4 kids were a team, we could actually say they are like a group with England in them. England are the kid in the helmet, basically handicapped and pretty much clueless to everything going on around them. The other 3 kids are the other teams in our group, they're fine, they see everything and are in a better position to progress through to the latter stages. You could also say England, like the contestant, rely on help from other contestants, like we rely on help from others in the group, ie Gary Lineker embarrassing himself having to wear an Italy shirt during the Costa Rica game.

    Another theme of the game is that it was very hard to get further than level 1 or 2. Very rarely did contestants get past those levels, much in the same England now look like they struggle with just the group stage.

    Finally the dungeon master 'Treyguard' very much had to assume the role of an Adrian Chiles or Gary Lineker at the end when the contestants went out with some kind words like 'but you tried so hard team, but it didn't work out as you failed to grapple the basics'. Much in the same way Chiles or Lineker will meekly sum up our efforts at the WC every 4 years.
  • I used to buzz for this show.
  • stil quote it when pissed up side step left...
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