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Oxford Advance Train Tickets-19/4/19 Good Friday

Advance single tickets now on sale for £5.50 [£3.65] in both directions between Paddington & Oxford,journey time about an hour & allow an hour between the station & stadium,for those who prefer to buy more flexible tickets a day-return costs £27.40 [£18.10] & can be purchased on the day of travel.
An alternative route between Marylebone & Oxford takes about 20 minutes longer & advance tickets are not yet available.
Railcard fares in brackets.


  • Pay on the day with Chilterns from Marylebone is usually dirt cheap
  • Cheers Clive will decide on day for this one ( subject to what allocation we recieve and how available tickets are), having been before its not the best of away days as ground is fucking miles from civilisation
  • all booked up.
  • all booked up.

    Good man Rosy
  • Cheers for the heads up. It’s a shame Southern don’t offer advance rates on bank holiday otherwise I could be there and back for £13
  • edited February 2
    Much as I love a train I might drive this one.

    Possible lift available for any BBBC Addicks ((Battersea Balham Brixton and Clapham)
  • Got ours, thanks Clive.
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Roland Out!