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The Cold War

Yep, it's definitely close season, all sorts of topics up for discussion over the summer. I've recently started listening to a radio 4 podcast series called Cold War: Stories from the big freeze. Basically, they take a story from a number of countries affected by the cold war and how communism spread. I knew of the cold war from the fall of the berlin wall and Gorbachev etc from when I was young, but some of the stories they cover are very harrowing.

The Chinese cultural revolution sounded particularly brutal.

It's very good listening and I'm learning a lot. Be keen to hear from any other lifers who are interested in this subject


  • Henry Jnr studied it at A level.

    That's right old people, your lives are literally now history.

    I do know someone who held back the Third Soviet Shock Army by himself but he doesn't like to talk about it (much)
  • Always had an interest in this period especially where films are concerned. I love Len Deighton's Harry Palmer trilogy. Others worthy of note are 3 (unconnected) Paul Newman films: The Prize, Torn Curtain and The Mackintosh Man.
  • Mrs Plum had to live through the cultural Revolution.
    It was a very damaging time indeed.
  • I'm interested. But I can't make any comments. :wink:

    the one on the cultural revolution was nuts. They spoke to this chap who was the son of a teacher and his dad was literally hounded to death by members of the red party. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing
  • seth plum said:

    Mrs Plum had to live through the cultural Revolution.
    It was a very damaging time indeed.

    That’s nothing, @Oggy Red had to live through the industrial revolution
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    This is well worth a watch cabbies.

    Same people as made The World at War. They talk to some incredibly influential people from that time - Bush Snr, Castro, Gorbachev, and Kissinger to name a few.

    I will check out the podcast. Seems interesting too.
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