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Hi guys,

We are thinking about looking into our PPI history and was wondering if any of you have done it and if so what company did you use? I know you will say do it yourself but far too busy for that so happy to pay a percentage to a company to do the leg work for us.

Many thanks


  • Gladstone Brookes are one of the better ones I have heard.
  • I will use MSE and do it myself. By the time you've passed basic information to an intermediary for them to act for you, i guess you may as well have done it yourself. MSE have guidance and template letters and it looks pretty straight forward;
  • Go through your bank all you have to do is fill out a form. No fees to pay.
  • blimey - have you not got them calling you ??? For the past year I must have got around 2 calls a day pestering me. The FCA have recently had adverts detailing when the deadline ends so you could start with them, Citizens advice or The Money shop..
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    Go on

    Website is great, 2mins for PPI and you won’t pay hundreds or thousands away to someone else. The website is also great for things like delayed flights. I have not had need to use it yet but know plenty who have and can’t talk highly enough about it.
  • Nicholas said:

    Go through your bank all you have to do is fill out a form. No fees to pay.

    Exactly this. It’s not hard at all.
  • There are some templated letters available online, I sent a speculative one off to Mr J Sainsbury and got a settlement of about £4k a few year back...
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