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  • Jimenez is dishonest.
    Whatever next lol
  • in the paper it has a pic of Tony
  • "vice-president of player recruitment"; if he'd been a little better at Super Mario, he could have been presidentof player recruitment.
  • The judge in the Wise v Jimenez case said Jimenez wasn't a credible witness, so on balance in this instance, I'd tend to believe Ashley. I still suspect the reason that Kevin Cash stopped putting money into Charlton was due to a falling out with Jimenez. Let's face it many others did.

    That was widely reported at the time, he was using Cash money for his own projects
  • hope that part of 3 million wasn't the cash used to buy Powell's successful promotion team .. what I mean is, IF IF it was, then I hope we don't have to pay it back ((:>)
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  • Can't see this case doing Ashley any good. His reputation as a businessman is already in tatters. He may have won his last case against Jeffrey Blue who claimed he'd been promised £15m for raising the share-price of Ashley's business but the anecdotal's of how Ashley behaves as a billionaire businessman were embarrassing. No doubt there will be more to come and more costs for all involved. I have little sympathy for Jimenez and I wonder if he can afford to lose again having had to refund Dennis Wise's £0.5m.
  • Former brother-in-law went to school with Jimenez. Said he was a nasty bit of work even then - can't imagine he's got any nicer over the years. Him and Ashley are cut from the same cloth - spivs made good.
  • Quite a turn of events when all the spectators to this case will be rooting for the lawyers to make as much out of it as possible. Spanish Tony's brief better get his money up front. Odious fat oafs like these two deserve each other. Sleeping with dogs? Wake up with fleas
  • BUT!!! two stand up guys...
  • Jimenez is a main deep indirect route cause as to why charlton have had a very poor last 3 years

  • Can we sue Jimenez for fraud or is the law such an ass that such a route is only available to the likes of Ashley?
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    @cabbles or someone might want to consider changing the title to this thread. Ashley and The Sun are free to call it what they like (they have deep pockets), but fraud is a criminal offence and this is a civil case. Just ask why the matter is not with the plod? You'll notice the BBC article uses much calmer language about breach of contract....
  • Latest from the high court.
    Mike Ashley refused to meet the current owners of Manchester City over the sale of Newcastle United, and ruined another potential deal after he "created a disturbance in a bar" in Dubai, according to the club's former vice-president Tony Jimenez.

    Ashley, who also owns sportswear firm Sports Direct, has sued former Charlton Athletic co-owner Tony Jimenez over a 2008 French golf course deal.

    He has accused Jimenez of perpetrating fraud and has made a forgery complaint.

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  • Jiminez not honest.
    Shock horror.
    Who would have thought it.
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