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RIP Glen Campbell

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Died today, aged 81. 'Wichita Lineman' and 'Southern Nights' are tunes.


  • Rhinestone Cowboy.
  • Very sad news. He was very talented - underrated as a guitarist. RIP.
  • Great song writer and guitarist

  • Suffered from dementia. Great voice.
  • Great artist. RIP
  • Very Sad. RIP and Thanks
  • A fantastic artist.
    RIP Glen Campbell
  • Very, very sad - the soundtrack of my childhood - could see things werent right a few years ago when he bounded on stage at the Calgary Folk Fest with a big cheery HELLO EDMONTON - he seemed a bit muddled and flustered that night & a few months after the disease was diagnosed - was happy to get the chance to see a TRUE LEGEND
  • Oh, that is sad sad news

    Gentle on my mind is just perfect.

  • A Better Place.
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  • Enjoyed his last album 'Adios' a great singer and guitarist.
    Played a good roll in the film True Grit with John Wayne.
    RIP Glen.
  • Shame. I'm not massively into country, but always have time for Glen Campbell
  • RIP. What an artist.
  • RIP - what a class act he was .
  • No Country fan, but Glen was a talent and such a distinct voice. RIP.
  • RIP .Really regret not seeing him live in his last tour a few years ago .
  • Richard J said:

    RIP .Really regret not seeing him live in his last tour a few years ago .

    I was there and really glad I got to see him. He was already loosing it but still put on a great gig.

    Wichita Lineman one of my all time favourites.

    Sad Sad loss.

    R I P Glen.
  • Sad news, a great singer who did some classic stuff, and was an ace guitarist as well.
    RIP Cowboy
  • Loved Billy Connoll's quip.
    Glen Campbell? Where I come from that's a place!
    Bye Glen, thanks for the music. An underrated part of pop history.
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  • RIP Glen a great class act loved your music. You were a by all accounts a very nice man too.
  • Genuine fan since I was a young kid

  • RIP Glen
  • Huge talent......his legacy will be several really smooth and wonderfully performed massive hits that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.
  • RIP.

    I didn't realise how prolific a session musician he'd been before making it in his own right until I watched "The Wrecking Crew" on Netflix a few weeks ago. Worth a look, music fans.
  • DA9DA9
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    Big fan of Glen Campbell, grew up listening to my dad's eight track albums.

  • Watched the Grammy winning documentary 'I'll be me' recently. It follows Campbell on tour as he (and his family) wrestle with his condition. Very lucky man to have such a wonderful wife and daughter, who really took care of him. The film is still available on Sky Arts.

    RIP Glen, music legend.
  • RIP Glen. Some seriously good music back there. I'm not a country fan but he wrote a lot of stuff I love. The dementia is sad, but he made a lot of people happy.
  • Very sad. T'was a good entertainer and actor, as well. RIP 'The linesman for Notts County'
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