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Andrews Sykes PLC

I have noted that the Andrews Sykes share price is at a new five year high!
Are they big Charlton fans? The family still own 86% of the Company.


  • Air Conditioning company.

    Early year heatwave.

    Share price rises....
  • been rising since November last year
  • I was hoping the family may rescue us from the regime :)
  • possibly....
  • Andrew Sykes operates in a fair few countries including much of the Middle East, USA and Europe. My guess, and it is a guess, is that much of their overseas earnings is booked in the local currency. When translated into GBPs, post the Brexit vote and the subsequent devaluation of sterling, this will have looked good in their report & accounts.
    Most UK businesses that have strong earnings abroad have had a good year share price wise for this reason.
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  • Good luck to them
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