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Football Manager 2018

No news on the next game yet but the Charlton researcher position has become available.

It's something I've done voluntarily for 12 years but I no longer have the time for it. In terms of getting to games I stopped going to mid week games this season and with my son turning 2 in July I'm not expecting to get to as many Saturday games next season. Not living locally doesn't help either.

If you're interested in applying or know someone else that may be details can be found on the link below. It also explains the requirements and tasks involved.


  • How much do you have to go to be considered 'qualified'?
  • Bloody hard work for simply a copy of the PC game, it's the sort of thing KM would organise.
  • How much do you have to go to be considered 'qualified'?

    I expect they'll want someone that has a season ticket or at least regularly goes to games. I think it'll really depend on who else applies. The ideal person would be someone that watches the u23s and u18s as well.
  • Scoham, I must personally thank you for Josh Wright 2007/08!!

    Every rating was the correct decision ;) he saw his potential on the game and it went to his head.
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