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A Christmas CARD advent calendar (Day 25 *FINALE* Page 25)

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  • Fantastic. Views may differ on how to achieve it, but this is what we all want. Another great CARD video.
  • Just love this and looking forward to seeing the others every day until Christmas day
  • Erm....... am I allowed to say that's just given me goosebumps?! :blush:
  • He's one of our own.
  • Screamer. Going to enjoy these card.
  • Another great, inspired idea. You lot are seriously good at this stuff :wink:
    And just when, probably like others, I think the old fool and his particular bunch of know nothing tosser mates are beginning to get the upper hand, this sort of stuff and the The Network expose really lift the spirits again.
    So thank you for all your effort on our behalf.
  • Nice idea and all that but it's still not a touch on my Lindt truffle one. :wink:
  • I really hope they retort with a Christmas Network Advent Calendar.
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    Don't fancy the sour grapes behind each door though. I'll stick with my Thornton's one.
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    Macronate said:

    I really hope they retort with a Christmas Network Advent Calendar.

    We could do that... a different mystery scout or obscure coach each day!!!
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  • Like the Christmas CARD logo. Very good.
  • The EFL have blocked it?!
  • What a curious video to be blocked so quickly, within 3 and a half hours...

    876 x 614 - 40K
  • Boooooooo
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    Well this is going well

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    Blocked it.

    I mentioned a little while ago that in this 'war' as Katrien described it, one battleground the regime thinks it has a chance of making progress is the internet.

    There are a lot of folk on the side of the regime that feel it is easier to get into the online stuff than the throwing pigs stuff.

    What is the motivation in this online engagement by the club, to expose lies, or to suppress the truth?
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  • God help anyone spotted wearing their new beanie.

    That's right, I'm going to tack a small North Korea flag over my Roland Out badge and then pull the korea flag off when in the ground.
  • you have got to be kidding me.

    The pettiness is literally, unbelievable.

    Hope someone is please with themselves.

    Think this might be another battle they can't win . . .
    There's more of us than you
    There's more of us then you
    There's moooore of us then youuuuu

  • Looks like they are still at it. Could be fun for the next 25 days!
  • How petty and pathetic.
  • Did not get to watch it before it was taken down :(
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