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Getting To Know The Network (4 Part Radio Documentary) (31/1 Part 3, pg. 17)



  • Just another bitter ex-employee
  • Sounds really good. It says interviews with all managers who worked nder RD but doesn't mention powell
  • Sounds really good. It says interviews with all managers who worked nder RD but doesn't mention powell

    Powell's views have gone on record and are pretty clear. He's also probably busy.

    Will be interesting to find out some unknowns.

    Hopefully embarrassing truths come to the surface. Full Exposure with solid basis of proof, there for everyone to see. Undeniable.

    Sounds like this doc has potential to uncover some things and further piss off the regime.

  • Interesting project, seems as though Jimmy has come a long way from the time I stood in the press office at the Valley, and enquired about a photo of the new owner?. I appreciate he and the team were of course employees of the club, but there seemed to be a lack of communications policy. I guess Bradshaw at the time paid 'lip service' to the 'embryonic' supporters trust, but despite a line of communication, which often was futile and hot air, this seemed to be brushed aside when RD and KM arrived.
    That was the time for meaningful dialogue, partnership for fan engagement, but despite numerous attempts to push this forward, quite simply this did not happen. Really not surprised that so many of the comms guys decided to leave, they were in a hopeless position. Personally I would not have lasted the day in that environment, and I decided to withdraw from attempting to do so.
    Despite the Woolwich meeting, and numerous attempts by far more patient people it looked pretty hopeless to myself, and I see little to change that view all these months later. To me to see well meaning and fellow fans tossed aside, the inept management, and genuine and sincere good wishes of all 'fans' treated so badly, in the pursuit of some 'vision' leaves me deeply saddened.
    I hope that Jimmy does shine some light on what has been a bloody shambles of ownership, I for one will be keen to understand what the business plan is?. God knows the football plan has been a failure!
  • Sounds a worthwhile project
  • This sounds really interesting. Any news on when/where we can download a copy?
  • Seems like some serious journalism on its way that is going to shed new light. Couple of paragraphs stood out for me:

    “I’ve done a piece with one other scout who hasn’t really spoken yet. He left in 2015 under a bit of a cloud. His point of view is fascinating. Some stuff in there hasn’t come out before.

    “It was something I had mulled over doing for a while. There’s more than just me working on it but other people want to remain anonymous."
  • Also;

    So how well does Stone feel he has an understanding of the network, now he has delved deeper into it.

    “The thing I’ve found out is that it makes no sense,” he said. “I don’t think they have a plan at all. They have constantly reacted to things rather that pro-actively, having a plan and strategy."

    Looking forward to the first episode.

    That is because Daisy is in charge and she doesn't know what she is doing
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  • Better get on the blower to Russ, he probably has a few choice words.
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  • Am looking forward to this
  • sammy391 said:
    He pauses and you know he is just trying to hold it together...
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    Is this going to be available to us "not wanted by CAFC / Nightmeire" old people who aren't on Twitter ?
  • Can't wait for this
  • I really hope this isn't a let down
  • Is it only on twitter.
  • Fingers crossed this is explosive - will be absolutely fascinating in any case. Im sure this is in hand but hope the press pick up any juicy bits...
  • That email was sent during a game
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