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Michael Jackson , this is it

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watching this on sky one

truly awful , he had no voice left of any note


  • Ha ha. Light the touch paper and stand well back - here come the Jacko wacko in his defence!
  • Tumble weed at the moment!
  • Bugger!
    I bought the DVD the other day as it was cheap. I just thought it might be interesting.
    I haven't seen it yet.
    Have I wasted my money?
  • Slick dancer. Good voice when he was young. Shit from about 1982 onwards. Paedophile. Discussion over.
  • Haha leroy!! Sums it up for me in one swift sentence!!
  • This Is It is a great DVD/BluRay. It shows the whole work behind what was gonna be the biggest concert ever. It showed he was still the King Of Pop and showed another side to him. I think if you put it in to the side off a documentry its great, shows what a great idol to many he was.
  • 'Michael Jackson, here's the basic facts, son; born black, died white; in the middle he fiddled with kids'

    Your summation reminded me of the above lines from the touching tribute by K**t & the Gang, Leroy!
  • [cite]Posted By: Leroy Ambrose[/cite]Slick dancer. Good voice when he was young. Shit from about 1982 onwards. Paedophile. Discussion over.

    Spot on, he should have died in prison, sadly the world we live in allows super-stars to act as they wish!
  • 'This is it' is an anagram of 'it is shit'
  • [cite]Posted By: Valley McMoist[/cite]'This is it' is an anagram of 'it is shit'

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  • I think this has more to do with money than 'artistic work'.

    The guy did regenerate dance and wrote some great tunes around the Thriller time, not my particular cup of tea, but great songs never the less.

    What all the nonesense was with altering your apperarance, and skin colour I have no idea!.

    A guy with all sorts of 'issues' it appears, tragic really, like Elvis because 'he could', he did!.

    Jackson and his 'alleged dubious off stage antics', which I still feel have not been 'exposed' tarnishes his superstar image.

    Give me the blues players, Hendrix and Marley, Marvin Gaye, each to his own........
  • He never wrote a Goddamn thing. Quincy Jones wrote everything good that he ever did.
  • he aint dead he is working in MacBurgers in Woolwich FACT.
  • All " This is it" is the Extras that would have gone on the official DVD had he survived and the concerts had gone ahead.

    I was totally underwhelmed by it. Although i must see he still looked fitter than i have ever been!
  • Totally underwhelmed by Jackson - he made Jedward look and sound good. What was with all that throat clearing in the middle of songs anyway? I'm ashamed to say I once owned one of his albums. In my defence, it was from a free with petrol promotion which sums him up really. Dying was the best career move he ever made.
  • It seems to me that Jackson was "forgiven" because of his musical talent and his ability to buy off his accusers , whereas certain other artists of lesser talent are forever in the wilderness. Anyone remember the last time they heard a Gary Glitter track on the radio?
  • Lots of opinions seem to have changed regarding MJ after the documentary on channel 4.

    Some radio stations have pulled all his songs others haven't

    Seen people online say they used to love him but not anymore, others after watching it are still certain he was innocent.

    Personally not seen it yet, recording both parts last nights and tonights to watch at a later date, but I have always said I thought he was guilty(my opinion) 
  • MJ isn't here to defend himself but the evidence of the two men in question and the consistencies in their testimonies as to how he operated was fairly condemning. The fact that he always liked to have a boy with him on tour was also rather disturbing.
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  • As grandad used to say "If they look peculiar son..."
  • In CharltonLife promotion-o-meter speak.....

    Nonce - 90%
    Not Nonce - 10%
    Unhealthily Weird - 100%

  • I remember during Conrad Murray's trial, someone on my Facebook (An MJ fanatic) asked who thought he was guilty and I replied that, if he was, he should be sent to work for Gary Glitter immediately. It wasn't well received by her and her weird chums
  • I've been convinced for many years Jacko was a wrongun, however, so are the parents of the kids that allowed it to happen!!
  • wonder who'll play him in the Netflix bio pic ((:>)
  • The reason I have recorded it is because @kellycafc likes him and everytime I have said he is a paedophile she tells me its not true, want to watch it with her and see if she finally changes her mind about the nonce
  • Just watched it. The boys (now men) seem 100% convincing.
  • I always thought Jacko was shit anyway. 
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