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Rothko and Son of Selhurst

I'm 45, married, my wife is out with the girls and I'm babysitting. What's your excuse for being on-line at 8.33 on a Friday night?


  • I'm 30, married, and the wife is watching a taped Corrie.

    Hope that's a good enough excuse for me !
  • I have a minging cold, otherwise I'd be seeking solace in a pint of Guinness or trying to get drunk and talk to GURLS in the back room of a Brixton boozer.

    I am 32 and single, and in need of a hot bath.
  • If you aren't out on a friday night-at our ages (i'm 44) why not. Although got to admit it's a bit quiet! Still, plenty of time to ponder a very different season ahead eh!
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    Not talking to you since your "titting about" comment. If you could only see the assessment centres and qualifications I have to go thru' to "tit about" and get paid a pittance. : )

    Taped Corrie? That is bad!
  • i never realised you are such a sensitive soul Irving :-)

    I generally find that qualifications are overrated. Well that's my excuse...
  • Are we up for a fight on a friday night?
  • if i was to fight i'd have to put a sports bra on at the moment :-)

    Me and Henry are mates Stanmore, don't you worry about us.

    I'm just jealous of his height :-)
  • Maybe i should have put a ;-) there- i sort of gathered that, but the mental picture i have at the moment worries me!

    But thanks for the reassurance!
  • I would have been on here at that time but I was settling down to a cup of tea , a jaffa cake and the third sky plussed episode of blizzard race to the pole.
  • I'm ill, having my first Friday off in a while, and need a early night. That's mine, and I need some jaffa cakes
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  • Stick the jaffa cakes in a cab and send 'em round!
  • so this site is just full of sad old blokes who have nothing better to do on a friday evening. i feel right at home.
  • Pull up a rocking chair buddy, Wurthers original anyone?
  • Sorry went off to fall asleep watching Apocalypse Now. Great film. "Charlie don't Surf".

    AFKA I know your jealous of my height and just now I'm jealous of your pension :(

    Deep down underneath the good looks, height, wit, intelligence, style, urbane charm and modesty I'm a sensitive soul who is cut to the quick by hurtful comments.
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Roland Out!