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Reasons for your user name?

Went to the Tate Gallery yesterday and came across the name Mark Rothko, is that the reason for your user name S? Couldn't for the life of me figure out where the descriptions for the various pieces of work were coming from...might as well have been written in Greek.

What is the logic behind your use name? Mine is simply because that is where I am from!


  • Yeah it is K, I was struggling for a username for Netaddicks, and then looked up and saw the Mark Rothko print I've got up on the wall, and that made my mind up.
  • Due to my high blood pressure.
  • Because I was writing a blog and didn't really want to use my real name, and then found myself in a tube station during a possible security alert ("Would Inspector Sands please report to the operations room" is a code to alert staff they may need to evacuate the station).

    (Inspector Sands' cousin Mr Moon made an appearance over the tannoy at the West Ham game.)
  • No, its not sarcastic.

    For the 2nd year running the stewards told me to quieten down and behave myself after shouting some nasty comments to Sam Allardyce regarding his team's style of football and tactics...

    Hopefully he wont sit 4 rows behind me next year.
  • 04, equals the year of my old beloved Mini, ie 2004 reg! MCS means Mini Cooper S.
  • When i was on a lads holiday in Malia, we were staying just outside the resort and had to get this bus thing into the strip at night. It beome known as the 'Bar Tram', and the driver was this crazy guy called Afkandris, you just kept saying 'call me Afka man'
  • Len Glover was my first Charlton hero many, many years ago now!
  • Eeeermm let me think...........
  • after elthamaddicks dad, les, and his tales told on a journey home from dorchester away, many moons ago.
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  • I now live in Lancashire, my nearest premiership ground is The Reebok! and I'm a lad rather than a lass!
  • needed to make up a hotmail address in a hurry as my work one at the time had busted, and I didn't want one with numbers and complicated underscore things, so asked mates to help me think of one, loads were suggested and rejected until a mate of mine said suzisausage and i put it in and it worked, and its stuck.
  • Oh dear, erm well anyone who goes to House music parties will understand. I have been known to dabble in Horse tranquilisers from time to time at the odd after party. Some of my mates just stated calling me Ketman or Mr K for short.
  • 12/09/89

    I'm planning a special 17th anniversary party as we speak,all welcome..
  • So you drink a lot of Coca Cola then?
  • Wife bought me a children's book for my birthday which had me coming on as a sub to score the winning goal for Charlton in the FA Cup Final against Man Utd. She used my nickname and I obviously wore the number 12 shirt.

    Curbishley thought the story mildly amusing last week when I asked him to sign his book to Brisie 12.
  • Hi Dan nice to see your nearby, keep on starting those songs back there. Coke is for wimps Ketamine is the real deal.
  • Had the same first name as a couple of people at school. So was always called by my surname which then got abreviated to 'T'. The Old Old messageboard let me use 'T', Rivals insist upon 4 characters so i had to go to 'TTTT' which ment it was incredibly hard to introduce yourself when meeting people. "Hello I'm TTTT" much happier now i'm "TTT" lighter
  • self-explanatory !!
  • It is the first part of my post code. as in DA6 7** (don't want anyone stalking me).

    Also because I love Bexleyheath and want to shout it from the roof tops !! [yes, it was a heavy weekend !!!!]
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  • One commentator descibed Johnny Robinson's goal up at Huddersfield in our championship season as a howitzer - seem to also remember Brian Moore describing one of Johnny Metgod's goals for Forest in the mid-eighties with the same word. Like the word - that's all....
  • fairly obvious really...couldn't be bothered to come up with anything more original !

    les_says.....would I know who you were if I saw you ? (and vice versa)
  • i was trying to think up a name the day after a cat ran across the pitch at the valley (about 6 or 7 years ago?). at the time i was talking to someone called henry. suddenly it all came together...
  • a play on probably the most ineffective player i've seen for us.
    fao les_says & eltham_addick i'm also an SE9er, do you drink locally?
  • eltham, don't think you've met me and i was only about 15 when i met your dad and only the once, he wouldn't know me from adam now. think suzi knows you to say hello to. usually in the oak matchdays.

    bacon, i moved from mottingham a few years ago and never really drunk in eltham. in lee now but generally drink in greenwich/blackheath/charlton.
  • Pretty obvious really !
  • 'cos I live in the Algarve.
  • Cos I sit in the F Block (Lower North) - Imaginative, I know!
  • Girlfriend once said to me....... "blimey it's a hard as stone!"

    not really, just an abbreviation of Maidstone :-(
  • Because I live in the Black Forest and Schwarzwald Reds didn't have quite the same ring to it...

    Also SC Freiburg, the local Bundesliga team, also play in red.
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