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Charlton Life FC v Ipswich (Punch Drunk FC) - Final Confirmation Details

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OK, in Charlton Charlie's absence, these are the final details for the inaugral Charlton Life FC match

K0 - 11am
Meridian Sports (link at bottom)

Meet 10.15 - 10.30
Bring red shirt, plus own shorts and socks

Rolling subs
Dave Storry
RedArmy + brother
Oggy Red
Hillsy Up
Dave Mehmet
Dazzler 21
Charlton Park Lane
Ian Sarge
Luva Luva

Ref: Riscardo
Lino: Rothko
Supporters: Loads of us, all welcome

You can park in Meridian for £1 and leave your car there all afternoon if you want to.

Please have £3/£4 for subs, and a bottle of water for HT, and a top in case you're on the line for a bit.

If anyone else wants to play, please speak up. And if you can no longer play, equally say.

Would be great to see as many lifers as possible to lend support. Bar will be open !



  • Seem to be missing from that list mate, and I did confirm with Charlton Charlie last tuesday, or have I been dropped?
  • Must of been an oversight on CC's part (great dodging moi !)

    See you there
  • [cite]Posted By: randy andy[/cite]Seem to be missing from that list mate, and I did confirm with Charlton Charlie last tuesday, or have I been dropped?

    LOL....dropped from a CL football team.....Embarressing!!
  • technically, getting dropped before the 1st game would have been great going !
  • Not going to be able to make it now
  • edited October 2008
    I am pumped for this will we defo get a mention of the score at half time? If we win maybe we should be at the valley and the "players" at Meridian!

    finally some numpties at charlton scribbled their names over my cafc shirt so can i wear my england one instead? (still Red)
  • This should be interesting, I've never seen Luva Luva drink water!!!! ;-)
  • Right, am back online....

    Sorry Andy - oversight on my part..

    Dazzler - bring your England shirt, but we should be able to rustle up a Charlton one for you.

    Look forward to seeing you all there.

  • Guys,

    Sorry, unfortunatley went training last night to test me knee for Saturday (first time I have played for a month) and it is no good for Saturday, will still be coming over to have a watch though.

    See you all then

  • Mark me down for the first 5 minutes of huffing and puffing, then I'll be mainly the bar !
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  • hopefully will make it there to watch as long as my mate does not hang around doing teh bearings on the motor

    If not have a good one
  • I've never been to this place before are there hot showers there?
  • Good stuff, see you tomorrow.
  • Previous msg to was Dazzler...

    Uncle, yes, there are hot showers, bar and food etc....
  • Charlton Charlie Thanks is there a bookies i want to put a score on me getting a hat-trick
  • Look for the short bloke with the fat wedge in his back pocket - that's AFKA and he'll be happy to take your money :-)
  • Ha ha cheers
  • Im a winger or striker used to be CM but dont enjoy that!
  • AFKA - You've got my mobile number, make sure you text me the result.
  • When we left London, we sold all our worldly possessions at a bootsale at the Meridian. We made a few hundred squids.

    Good luck fellas.
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  • the score was 1-4 to Ipswich, all good the ippo boys were a good lot fair play to em, gumbo was there star striker was they were a man down as one of there's got pole axed and was rushed to queen Elizabeth but all good. this is all from my Internet phone thingy, will post later just on my way to the Lin, up the addicks.
  • Any news on the hospitalised Ipswich fan?
  • If you've got any future games and I'm free (I'm seemingly always busy) then I will try and do a game for you although most Saturday mornings are spent getting to games around the South of England....I was at Merstham today for example...
  • Just wanted to say really enjoyed today thought it was a good game although i had the touch of a rapist. With a bit of luck we could have got more out of it. It was really good to put some faces to names (apart from gumbo lol). Any info on their bloke who got hurt
  • All I can say lads, is that you lot must of been extremely poor if Gumbo managed to score!! The only time he ever scores it normally involves goats...

  • A quick 'thank you' before I rush into a meeting to all those who turned up on Saturday morning. Was great that so many people came along and I thought that we put on a decent display seeing as we were all meeting each other for the first time about an hour before KO... Special thanks to Riscardo for his flawless reffing and Gumbo and Dazzler for their willingness to put on the blue shirt of Ipswich to help them out.

    I've had an email from the Ipswich lads saying how much they enjoyed it which I haven't replied to yet and no mention of their hospitalised player - I'll find out and report back.

    I took some pics which I'll attempt to put up here from home this evening, along with a mini report...

    We have been asked if we want to play Burnley on the morning of the 25th, same arrangements as Saturday...can you please leave a message on here if you're interested?

    Thanks again chaps.
  • I'll be up for playing on the 25th
  • Definitely up for the 25th mate.

    Big thanks to Charlton Charlie for arranging it, and thanks to everybody who played for making it a good day. Shame about the result, but we played some good stuff second half, just didn't take our chances and got sucker punched on the break. Their 4th wouldn't have been scored if it had mattered, myself and I'm sure one or two others had a chance to stop the block (at the expense of a free kick and rick's rage) before he got into our box.

    Lastly, big thanks to sarge and jeff, was a good few hours drinking in the angestein (sp?) and very good to catch up!
  • Yeah cheers all, see you all again on the 25th.
  • Count me in for the 25th, as we have no silly run the next day!!
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