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Have this giant Smirnoff bottle always put me change in the there and cash in when in need or full. Only in last year have i put in £ coins. This weekend as it was full i took 50% and cashed it in. How much do u guess i got ?


  • 120 quid is my guess GH
  • Actually as a back up bet i bet you got more like 250 notes!
  • £482
  • WSS are you a student ? do you know what money is yet ?
  • I'm a student of life GH.

    Was I correct?
  • lol, yeah westsidde is a student GH
  • WSS dont wish to be rude mate but --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- was you bollox.
    edited June 2008
    Well your "giant" smirnoff bottle was not as big as I imagined then!

    (or was it more?)
  • Students wouldnt know what a giant Smirnoff bottle looked like. They would know what a light ale bottle with six straws in looked like though !!
  • how were my guesses then GH?? I certainly aint a stoodent!
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  • Way out stone fella. I aint puting gold bullion in it !
  • 320...ish
  • £235
  • VM do u work in the check out at ASDA Charlton ?
  • £185 plus 5 pence that fell in when you wernt looking
  • I reckon 60 quid?
  • Got one of them large plastic coca cola bottles in the kitchen, not much in it though.
  • my mum and dad got effectively bought me a very large baked bean tin with a slot in the top of it for christmas. it said on the side "save for your season ticket" and you can't get into it unless you use a can opener.

    They do spoil me.

    I've only been putting 50p's and upwards in it and it reckons it can hold £400 worth of pound coins.
  • £234.56
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  • £17.21 & and old used bus ticket from a 180 routemaster circa 1974, with Kate Bush' lipstick on it.
  • 50% less then you would have done had you taken it all. :-)

    Have done the same thing with a magnum sized bottle of Belgium beer given to me by my colleagues. Trouble is the neck size is ony big enough to put 5p's in, I've had it for a few years now and still haven't managed to fill the bloody thing.

    You weren't down Asda's making a bloody racket, chucking it down the neck of the counting machine were you?
  • we did the same saturday took our bottle to coin master in sainsburys. I was stunned. we got £84.87 - so I reckon yours must be about £130
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]VM do u work in the check out at ASDA Charlton ?
    Nah, ASDA Checkout in Swanley, me.
  • It was -------------------------------- £215 not bad for half the bottle.

    DA9 how did you know about Kate Bush !!!!!
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