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Who are your non-footballing heroes?

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Leonardo Da Vinci - Brilliance in several fields
Jesse Owens - Getting one (or four) over against the bad boys
Barnes Wallis - The ingenuity to help win a war
Alan Turing - The ingenuity to help win a war
Frank Whittle - Imagine Conceiving of a jet engine
Albert Einstein - Brilliance
Stephen Hawking - Triumph over adversity
Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Best engineer ever
Yuri Gagarin - Courage (or stupidity?) beyond compare
Robert DeNiro - I know it looks trite after the others, but was there ever a better actor?


  • Elvis Presley - Never has & never will be an entertainer like him, ever.

    Winston Churchill - Enough said

    Jean Pierre Blanchard - the first man to use a parachute, how brave was he??????
  • I've never heard of JPB before. That is brave. Do you know much about him, was it a voluntary jump or was he going to crash anyway?
  • Maggie Thatcher.
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    Sir Winston Churchill

    every bloody soldier sent to war with shit kit , shit pay, shit conditions and still manage to be the BEST in the business bar none.

    martin johnson

    sir ian botham
  • Only one hero ... Whispering Death
  • [cite]Posted By: Danny Kelly[/cite]I've never heard of JPB before. That is brave. Do you know much about him, was it a voluntary jump or was he going to crash anyway?

    Nothing really, just always intrigued me who was the first, so did a Google search and and the general consensus was him.
  • proper cricketers in them days facing holding wearing a cap
  • [cite]Posted By: Riscardo[/cite]Only one hero ...Whispering Death

    Ritchie Benaud? ;-)

    Man alive, that first delivery was so fast I was looking for the ball to come when I realised the stump was already flying off in the other direction.
  • he started that run up in wimbledon by the looks of it, was that the year tont grieg slagged off the west indies and they destroyed us?
  • Ian Botham

    Tommy Cooper
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  • Russell Howard asked this last night at the filming of Edinburgh and Beyond. The room came up with from what I remember Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey, Jesus and Bob Marley.

    My personal non footballing heroes are...

    Derren Brown
    Gordon Ramsay
    Stephen Fry
    Steh MacFarlane (Creator of Family Guy and American Dad)
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    [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]he started that run up in wimbledon by the looks of it, was that the year tont grieg slagged off the west indies and they destroyed us?

    Yes that was the year Tony Greig said that he would make the West Indies grovel ...

    Oakster put me onto this book, primed and ready for my holibobs

  • Grovel is a good read for the the memories of the players of that wonderful series, however their is too much digging into social problems for my liking in a SPORT book.
  • Danny Baker - Living legend.
  • Thomas Edison - brilliant inventor and fantastic outlook:
    "Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won't work."

    Geoff Boycott
    Harry Hill
    Chief Wiggum
  • Great story about Michael Holding in a piece about Bill Wyman and cricket in last weeks Sunday Times. Well worth a read.

    I.T. Botham is my all time sporting hero including football

    Other than that I think its just ordinary people who have positively affected my life.
  • Ian Botham for his work on and off the cricket field - he's raised millions for leukaemia charity.

    Shirley Nolan for starting the Anthony Nolan Trust.

    Doctors, nurses etc.

    Old soldiers etc.

    Anyone triumphs over adversity or puts themselves in a situation where they risk their life and limb for others.
  • Muhammed Ali....
  • Lennie Bruce
    Tony Benn
    My late Father
  • Barry Sheene
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  • Edith Cavell shot as a spy in 1916 who said when waiting for the firing squad " patritism is not enough , i must have no hate in my heart"

    Charles Dickens ---- books that tell more than a tale, they are a social history of desperite times.

    Floureance nightingale ---- How truely brave was that woman.

    Douglas Barder --- No DDA act when he was about flew Spitfires and escaped prisons with no legs ? you cant make that up .
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    Would go with an old teacher of mine from junior school - Mr Hills.

    Also would add Seb Coe to that. One of the smoothest running styles I have ever seen. remember watching the 1500m win in the 1984 olympics on an old portable b/w telly in my bedroom.
  • My Parents - End of Story
  • McMillan Cancer Nurses - they do an incredible job, dealing with terminal illness every day of their lives. They helped my poor old dad enormously in the weeks before he finally died. Thanks ladies, you will always be appreciated.
  • John Howard, OIC of D company 2nd OX and Bucks Glider infanrty Reg. He led the surprise attack on The Orne River Bridge (Pegasus Bridge). Howard and 90 men landed in gliders and held the bridge agianst the 2nd Panzer division, if this had not happened we would not have held the beaches and thousands more would have died.

    'Johnny' Johnson - the highest scoring Allied fighter ace from WW2, A Nutter of the highest order!

    My Grandad.

    Proper Heroes and not a bat or ball between them!!

    Sporting hero - Ali
  • [cite]Posted By: Alex Wright[/cite]Lennie Bruce
    Tony Benn
    My late Father

    Never got the Lennie Bruce thing, I know a lot of comics quote him as a hero or inspiration, but everything I have seen of him I find average, maybe he stood out more in his era?
  • Sir Ranulph Fiennes - Climbed just about every mountain known and ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 different continents, just 3 weeks after a heart attack. LEGEND!

    Dave Grohl - All round rock legend (sings, plays drum, guitar, etc) and seems to be a general nice guy.

    Guy Grieve - For his book 'Call Of The Wild'. He had the testicular fortitude to live in the Alaskan Wilderness with no training for a year.

    Charles Blondin - Mid 1800's stuntman 'The Great Blondin'. Tightrope walked across the Niagra Falls. Also a family member (i aint as brave!)
  • [cite]Posted By: Ketman[/cite]My Parents - End of Story

    I thought you would say my Dad ;-)
  • Liz Hurley
    Carol Vorderman
    Halle Berry
    Clare Nasir
    Kate Garraway
    Nigella Lawson
    Carol Thatcher
    Kelly Brook
    Alesha Dixon
    Fern Britton
    Holly Willoughby
    Charlie Theron
    J Lo
    Cheryl Cole
    Billie Piper
    Coleen Rooney
    Tess Daly
    Kylie Minogue
    Martine McCutheon
    Eva Longria
    Abi Titmuss
    Zoe Lucker
    Mariah Carey
    Suzanne Shaw
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    No Bella Emberg?..
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