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soccer 6 at the valley on Monday

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I think they do this every year at Charlton. Its the worst celebrities possible that play. I remember seeing something a year ago dappy from ndubz was playing and getting abuse from the crowd, he reacted like you would expect from a moron and had to be held back as he ran over to someone in the crowd.

Only way is essex cast are apparantly gana be a hit this year.

Dont want these idiots at the valley! 


  • i took my step daughter last year and was highly entertained throughout the whole thing.  She doesnt want me to go with her this year... boooooo.  I might sneak in without her knowing!

  • I can only hope we make some decent wedge out of it. Can't be that much though, 4,000 people last year? 
  • it's for charity and if people want to go it's up to them. Can't see why it would bother anyone. And there is an X Factor judge playing so it's going up in the world.
  • If it's for a good cause that's alrite I just thought it was a bunch of celebrities like ndubz having a kick about.
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    Ive just looked up and the only way is essex crew are playing at the Burnley one. 

    Danny Dyer is at the Valley.  I would have thought that.s an incentive to go down and abuse.  The abuse of that pratt Dappy or whatever its called was the highlight.. well along with the girls final penalty shoot out... which went on for rather a long time.  shocking.

  • Curb_it has some unsettled beef with Dappy, someone is getting merked.
  • There's gonna be lots of cool celebs there like N-DUBZ!!! DAPPY IS A LEGEND... END OF!
  • Oh dear. Yep dappy sure is a legend.... in his own lunch time. Or is it lunch box.?

    End of!
  • Oh dear. Yep dappy sure is a legend.... in his own lunch time. Or is it lunch box.?

    End of!

    Hard to believe that the lovely Tulisa is his sister
  • cousin large
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  • I went last year and I was quite enjoyable.

    Danny Dyer didn't bother to turn up so don't hold your breath this year.
    Dappy ( is that his name?) did get quite a bit of stick but hes a very very good little footballer .
    Won't bother going this as I don't half the participance , not being a soap watcher plus I think the ticket prices are far too expensive.

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