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Curbs at The Valley tomorrow

"Charlton should move on and forget about me"

No way mate...sorry.
Alan Curbishey will achieve a career ambition tomorrow night when he visits the Valley for the first time to watch Charlton play Manchester United without the pressure of being the manager.

Curbishley left Charlton last May after managing the south-east London club for 15 years, and though he was given two season tickets in the directors box by the board he will be working for Sky Sports for the visit of United.

When he decided to take six months off - "I'd not had a break for 15 years and wanted a summer without phone calls....agents....buying players" - Curbishley had several wishes.

"One was that I would like to go back to the Valley to watch a game and appreciate what is there. A full house, great atmosphere and just see it for what it is. There could be no better game than Manchester United."

Speaking at the launch of his autobiography Valley of Dreams (Harper Collins, £17.99) Curbishley revealed he spent his first match day for 15 years not managing Charlton on the running machine in his garage. "At 10 past three I decided to have a run and listen to the updates on the radio.

"When Charlton took the lead at West Ham I speeded up a bit but then they conceded three. Iain Dowie went through all the emotions of a manager in his first 90 minutes in charge."

Curbishley hopes to return to management in the autumn after a holiday in New Zealand "which I scheduled in between international dates so I would only miss three Premiership games".

United were the only Premiership side Charlton did not beat under Curbishley. "It would be nice to see Sir Alex not so happy after a match. Maybe Iain can be the Charlton manager who turns it around. "Charlton have got to move on and forget about me. The board have backed Iain in the transfer market and I hope he can take the club forward."

Their task is made easier tomorrow night as United will be without Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes and, possibly, Ryan Giggs, while £18.6 million new boy Michael Carrick is not likely to be available until next weekend's trip to Watford.


  • If he attends, then he should get the ovation he so richly deserves. Most will think his time was up (and the sterile football we played certainly drove me mad for the last number of seasons) but he is true Charlton legend. History and memories are what make a Club and he has given us both in abundance.
  • amen to that Oscar.

    Hope he isn't wheeled out on the pitch though. Save that for later on, and let Dowie get established first.
  • I 100% agree with that. Just let us see him in the stand and let the crowd do the rest (fingers crossed!)
  • If he attends he should be kept away from the crowd, it's Dowies first league game, it's about him and the future first.

    If and when Curbs comes back as a manager, then he'll get an ovation
  • If he's working for Sky, surely he'll be in their studio in the East Stand..... very much doubt he'll be on the pitch.
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    [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]If he attends he should be kept away from the crowd, it's Dowies first league game, it's about him and the future first.

    If and when Curbs comes back as a manager, then he'll get an ovation

    Totally agree- he says adding the bit "richly deserves" bit on the end-

    But will we get a full crowd though?
  • I think thats where Curbs will pursue his career for the future, rather than management he has been very clever and shrewd by working his way up through the TV stations and lesser channels shall we say, in which has enabled his to get the right sort of advice,media coaching and confidence and now i think he will look to establish himself as a Sky pundit rather than the pressure of football management.
  • in my opinion he doesnt have enough of a personality to work as a Sky pundit
  • Not enough personality??? I want to hear peoples opinions on the game, how they would change it ,and how it coul pan out.Surely if it was down to personality we would have Barry Fry, and Harry Redknapp on their every week.
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    I think it is probably a personal thing to be honest.

    I'd much rather see somebody like Martin O Neil/Sam Allardyce/Neil Warnock who are not afraid to give their opinions on things.

    In the end, television is an entertainment business, regardless of what subject is being broadcasted, i just think that Curbs is too withdrawn from his emotions for people to WANT to watch him.

    That being said, he may surprise me and be an excellent pundit!
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  • I thought he came across pretty well in the world cup.........alot better than some of those who appear on our TV's most weekends and they have the cheek to call expert analysis.Curbs talks a good game, and now the reigns are of us as such he may be a bit more outspoken with regards to his views.
  • Thats a very good point, without any links to a particular club he may feel that he can say more of what he wants without any ramifications!

    Sky Plus will tell me tomorrow!
  • that is a good point, i always felt he was cautious of saying anything contraversial due to not wishing to upset peers. If he decides to go down the media route full time, he may open loose a bit more.

    i still think he will manage us again one day...
  • I don't think he will manage us again, but i would never rule out a role of director of football should the club go down that road in years to come, and lets face it, would we blame them for making that decision.
  • I wish.
  • We thought we were safe... we thought we were impervious to relegation... we thought wrong..

    You dont know what youve got til its gone.....
  • Tut, tut Cray, you'll only get Len and OohAah's hopes up.
  • Jeez! Here's another one August two thousand and bloody six.
  • Lets just hope we beat Man Utd!

    IAIN DOWIES RED N WHITE ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh wait...

    The guy has gone, left, quit.

    Get it into your head and move on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • That's easy for you to say, Golfie. You haven't got a cat called Curbishley Cat. :(
  • ...and a goldfish called Curbishley Fish!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: golfaddick[/cite]SINk SINK SINK

    The guy has gone, left, quit.

    Get it into your head and move on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote]

    He's gone? When?
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    Curbs will never be forgotten. And apologies for getting lifers hopes up.

    Long live curbs Red army.
  • Joy of Joy's another Curbishley Thread gets Resurrected.

    Next someone will be demanding Lennie Lawrence be re-instated.
  • [cite]Posted By: Solidgone[/cite]...and a goldfish called Curbishley Fish!

    We had a fish called Alan Curbfishley.

    Sadly gone to the great pond in the sky now....
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite][quote][cite]Posted By: Solidgone[/cite]...and a goldfish called Curbishley Fish![/quote]

    We had a fish called Alan Curbfishley.

    Sadly gone to the great pond in the sky now....[/quote]

  • Didn't anyone call their fish "Mark"?!
  • That reminds me - Peter "The Cat"Bonetti - not called that due to his agility but for the fact that he could lick his own arse.
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