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10 and a half things you didn't know about Nottingham.

1. It's well known that the City of Nottingham has a higher percentage of women to men. Most recent statistics indicate that for every man in Nottingham there are at least 35 women, making it a top attraction for stag parties, stalkers and fans of Russ Meyer.


  • 2. The claim that the "trip to Jerusalem" pub is the oldest in England is a big fib. The pub was actually built in 1960 from the remains of a disused sewage outlet from Nottingham Castle

    3. Diego Maradona's shirt from the "hand of God" game was recently on display at Nottingham Museum.

    4. Carl Leaburn once pushed a referee out the way to score a goal at the Valley v Notts Co.
  • 2. It has a Hooters bar not from Meadow Lane and the Train Station.
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    Whilst lying on his death bed Robin Hood fired an arrow into the air decreed "Wheresoever this arrow doth land tis the place I am to be buried..."

    Three days later they buried him on top of the wardrobe...
  • 6. The town of Nottingham was officially named after frustration of residents that is was by proximity, associated with the nearby pox-ridden sexual deviant town of Ingham. The town of Ingham was decimated in 1724 in bizarre sexual experiment resulting in a wide-spreading gunpowder explosion.
  • [cite]Posted By: shirty5[/cite]2. It has a Hooters bar not from Meadow Lane and the Train Station.

    i can vouch for that!!
  • Supporters of Nottingham Forest enjoy vandalising wheelbarrows belonging to Notts County fans. Boy do the County fans make a song and dance about it.
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    7. Juventus owe their famous black and white stripes to Notts County FC. Originally, they had played in pink, but the colour kept fading in the shirts, so they asked one of their players if he had any contacts in England who made a higher quality of kit. He had a friend in Nottingham, a Notts County supporter, who sent out a batch of the County kits. In recognition of this piece of history, Juve fans are known to sing "County, it's just like watching County on a really good day"

    8. Three different Nottingham pubs claim to be the oldest pub in England, but since the Salutation Arms is on a street named after Maid Marian, it doesn't count

    9. Nottingham used to have a reputation for high rates of gun crime, following in the tradition of Robin Hood. In response to this, and to boost tourism in the area, Nottingham City Council unveiled a stream of festivals named after Robin Hood (scientists currently estimate that there are over 50 Robin Hood festivals in Nottingham each month). This has had the unfortunate consequence of re-introducing locals to the city's tradition of general banditry, as well as the shootings.

    10. Nottingham has four famous sports teams: Notts County Football Club, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, Nottingham Panthers, and Nottingham Rugby. Neighbouring West Bridgford has one sports team.
  • 10. Pukka Pies chief executive Tim Storer landed in hot water after drunkenly boasting recently that the town could be nuked in three and a half minutes. He called it the 3 1/2 minute die.
  • 11. Lou Reed wrote "walk on the wild side" after a night out in Nottingham in 1970

    12. in the rougher parts of Nottingham a common 21st birthday present is for parents to pay for their children to have all their teeth removed and replaced by dentures. It saves time and money in the long run and is said to have lead to the development of a new sexual practice particular to Nottingham known as a "Gum job".
  • 13. Nottingham has more sports facilities than any other comparable-sized town in the whole of Nottinghamshire
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  • Nottingham was infact called Notinbirmingham as the locals didnt want to be associated with the Brummys, but the name was shortened after it was found the original name wouldn't fit on a postcard
  • 11. The late president of Yugoslavia, Marshall Tito, used to spend two weeks every summer in Nottingham. He used to go in disguise and worked as a traffic warden. He refused to ticket anything built by British Leyland but would always ensure owners of Ford's were ticketed and towed as quickly as possible. His diary written during these vacations is currently sealed in a secure vault in Belgrade's national Archives.
  • The famous Tunes commercial from the 70's/80's with the infamous line 'A second class return to Dottingham please' was a massive flop, which lead Tunes to re-brand and launch a music dowload application in conjunction with Apple!
  • It is famous for the word's oldest joke. This originated around the time that the first famous high street Chemist opened in Nottingham's glamourous Pelham Street.
    Man on Pelham Street. 'I need to buy a contraceptive'
    2nd man 'Have you tried Boots?'
    1st man ' Yes, but it keeps leaking out of the laceholes'
  • When they creamated brian clough the effects of the flames on the alchol still in his system had a simualr result to the bunsfield oil explosion.
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    15. Robin Hood is incorrectly believed to be the most famous of Nottinghamites. In fact in a recent poll 85% of the city's own residents failed to recognise him, many confusing the betighted thief with TV's Pineapple Dance Studio's Louie Spence.
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