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Five Star

Are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bout time too.


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    your havin a larf. Did anyone see that saturday morning kids show going live i think? about 20 years ago. Five star was on the show and i think, Sarah Greene took a call from a fan. There was a dog barking in the background on the phone, next thing the caller says 'Five star your f*ucking cr*p' and put the phone down the look on there faces was priceless, quality live tv. For that reason i would put them in the hall of fame.
  • Yeah I saw that clip recently. There was also a similar one with Matt Bianco years ago.
  • The Matt Bianco one is on YouTube... can't find the Five Star one, alas.
  • The Five Star phone call..

    7mins 30 seconds into the interview:
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